Orzhov Gets New Reanimation Creature In Priest Of Fell Rites In Modern Horizons 2

Get two trips back from the graveyard for the price of one with this new two-drop.

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and Channelfireball, check out a new way to reanimate creatures in Modern Horizons 2 — Priest of Fell Rites!

This two-drop Human Warlock is a serviceable bear up front, but can do a whole lot more if you can activate its ability.

T, Pay 3 life, Sacrifice Priest of Fell Rites: Return target creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield. Activate only as a sorcery.

You basically get Reanimate at the cost of three life if you can untap with Priest of Fell Rites. There are plenty of great creatures to bring back in Modern, so Priest of Fell Rites could find a home in a new Orzhov Reanimator style deck. But what happens if your opponent kills it before you can activate it?

Unearth 3WB

Don’t worry, Priest of Fell Rites comes with insurance in the form of Unearth. For five mana, bring it back with haste and get your best creature back for the original price. By having Unearth, you can even discard it to use later or even get some value with a sacrifice spell or effect, setting up a future reanimation target. Similar to its namesake, Unburial Rites, this new creature gives you the chance at two big returns or one and some value.

What do you think of Priest of Fell Rites? Can this rare spark a new archetype or find a home in an already existing deck? Let us know in the comments!

Modern Horizons 2 is currently scheduled to release on June 18. View our Official Preview Gallery.