MTG Arena State Of The Game Announces First Draft Arena Open

On top of new Draft Open, updates coming to existing events and dates of Limited events.

Honored Heirloom illustrated by Leanna Crossan

The latest MTG Arena State of the Game article published today announced upcoming changes to ongoing events, new events, and the first Arena Open to feature draft.

Draft Arena Open Scheduled For Dec. 4-5

The Arena Opens have been a huge success for MTG Arena as standalone tournaments with cash prizes. The evolution of the Arena Open has featured multiple constructed formats, Best-of-One and Best-of-Three matches, and introduced Limited with the Sealed Open after the release of Kaldheim. Now the Arena Open is taking the next step and bringing draft to the table on Dec. 4-5 with Innistrad: Crimson Vow.

Full details haven’t been released yet, but previous Arena Open entry fees have ranged from 20,000 gold or 4,000 gems for Standard or Historic events and 22,500 gold or 4,500 gems for Sealed. Players choosing Best-of-One play have to reach seven wins before three losses to make Day 2 while Best-of-Three requires hitting four wins without a loss to advance. Prizes include a scaling number of gems based on wins and typically include $2,000 for reaching seven wins on Day 2 or $1,000 for earning six wins on Day 2.

For the Draft Open, players will draft once and then play out their matches for Day 1 then draft a new deck on Day 2 to play out the remainder of their matches. Players can enter Day 1 as many times as they wish, but only get one shot at Day 2. Drafts will not show other players’ names at the draft table and the change will also go into effect for Premier Drafts and Traditional Drafts on MTG Arena.

Changes To Midweek Magic

MTG Arena is ending the in-store promotional codes that went along with Midweek Magic events due to the return of in-store play. Midweek Magic will continue to exist and a third win award will be added that will offer a cosmetic to go along with the first two wins giving rare ICRs.

Notably, the Midweek Magic scheduled for Nov. 16-18 will give all players the chance to experience Innistrad: Crimson Vow Quick Draft with unlimited free phantom Quick Drafts.

Innistrad: Crimson Vow Draft And Sealed Event Dates

With the release of Innistrad: Crimson Vow on MTG Arena on Nov. 11, players will immediately be able to participate in Sealed events Premier Drafts, and Traditional Drafts. Sealed events will run through Dec. 3 while Premier and Traditional Drafts will run through Feb. 10. Quick Drafts will start on Nov. 26 and run through Dec. 10.

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