Modern Horizons 2 Adds To Magic’s Armory With Sword of Hearth and Home

Another protective sword is added to the armory in Modern Horizons 2!

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and After Office TTV, take a look at Magic’s newest sword from Modern Horizons 2 — Sword of Hearth and Home!

Equipped creature has protection from green and from white.

Whenever equipped creature deals combat damage to a player, exile up to one target creature you own and search your library for a basic land card. Put both cards onto the battlefield under your control, then shuffle.

Equip 2

Sword of Hearth and Home continues Magic’s rich tradition of protective Swords, following in the footsteps of cards like Sword of Light and Shadow, Sword of Fire and Ice, Sword of Body and Mind, and more. Like those before it, Sword of Hearth and Home offers protection from two colors (green and white) but also lets you blink a creature and ramp your mana with each attack.

Sword of Light and Shadow Sword of Fire and Ice Sword of Body and Mind

While the Swords have settled into more of a sideboard role in recent Modern metagames, the recurring value generated by Sword of Hearth and Home could lead to a resurgence in Equipment-based decks and let players open the armory once again.

So what do you think of Sword of Hearth and Home? Do you think it will see play in Modern and beyond? Let us know in the comments below!

Modern Horizons 2 is currently scheduled to release on June 18. View our Official Preview Gallery.