Launch Of Kaldheim And Mobile Play Headline January State Of The Game

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Revitalize, illustrated by Mathias Kollros

The January MTG Arena State of the Game article announced the launch of Kaldheim and detailed the plans to rollout mobile compatibility.

Kaldheim Comes to MTG Arena

While Kaldheim is currently scheduled to release for tabletop on February 5, players can enjoy the set early on MTG Arena and Magic Online on January 28.

With the launch of Kaldheim, snow permanents are being introduced for the first time on MTG Arena. Mana produced by snow lands and regular lands will be tracked separately.

  • “All players will be granted snow-covered basic lands as part of the Kaldheim basic land grant for use in Constructed play.
  • During Limited events (Draft, Sealed), players will only have access to snow-covered lands from their Limited card pool.
    • For Kaldheim, Limited boosters will contain 15 cards: 1 rare/mythic rare, 3 uncommons, 10 commons, 1 land card (cards with the rarity L).
    • The land card could either be a snow-covered basic land or snow-covered dual land.”

MTG Arena on Mobile

MTG Arena will first be available for Android users on January 28, coordinating with the release of Kaldheim. Players with a preexisting account and collection will have access to everything on mobile just as they would on PC. Support for iOS and tablets is planned for “later this year.”

Important to note, players will “…not be able to sideboard during the drafting portion of Draft events (Premier, Quick, and Traditional Draft).” Support for sideboarding during an in-progress draft will be added later at an undetermined date.

Developer Roadmap

KaldheimHistoric Anthology 4Pioneer Masters
Android Early AccessiOS SupportCollection Interface Improvements
 Tablet SupportAdventures in the Forgotten Realms
 Min Spec Android LaunchDeck Sharing
 StrixhavenPlay Blade Rework

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