Kaldheim Mechanics Have Arrived

Everything you need to know about the mechanics of Magic’s newest set!

Kaldheim preview season is here and with it comes the unveiling of the set’s mechanics. This plane includes some sweet new mechanics so let’s start with those.


Foretell is a great way to manage your mana, allowing you to invest in your higher-cost cards early on and play them when you need them most.


Kaldheim‘s second new mechanic is Boast, which rewards players for getting into the red zone. Creatures with Boast can only activate it once per turn and only if that creature has attacked this turn.

Alongside the two new ones, Kaldheim also hosts several returning fan-favorite mechanics.


After a long hiatus from Standard, Snow permanents returns with accompanying cards that rely on them for extra effects. Cards that have an “S” mana symbol can be paid with any color of Snow permanent.

Modal Double-Faced Cards

First introduced in Zendikar Rising, modal double-faced cards (DFCs) provide a new take on an old favorite, giving you a choice when playing them. Notably, these cards do not transform, so they play more like split cards.


A perfect compliment to the tales and legends of Kaldheim, Sagas return to grant players powerful effects over multiple turns.

So what do you think of the mechanics of Kaldheim? Are there any you would have wanted to see included that weren’t? Let us know in the comments below!

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