Humans Get New Leader In General Kudro of Drannith

General Kudro is ready to lead the humans of Ikoria into battle – will you follow him into the fray?

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast’s First Look: Web Exclusives, size up Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths new mythic Human lord – General Kudro of Drannith!

Whenever a new set comes out, the Human creature type is always under the microscope, especially since the emergence of Humans in Modern. Ikoria is pitting humans versus monsters, so we’ll see many of them coming out, but General Kudro of Drannith has the spotlight now.

Other Humans you control get +1+1.

An anthem is already a good start and that’s just the tip of the iceberg for this three-mana 3/3.

Whenever General Kudro of Drannith or another Human enters the battlefield under your control, exile target card from an opponent’s graveyard.

Graveyard hate that gets better with more Humans adds another layer to General Kudro. Disruption that adds to the clock is always the recipe an aggressive deck wants, so it already upgrades the Anafenza, the Foremost slot in Modern Humans.

2, Sacrifice two Humans: Destroy target creature with power 4 of greater.

Pesky Primeval Titan or Death’s Shadow getting in your way? No worry, General Kudro allows you to turn outclassed creatures in the late-game into removal.

Three great abilities on an aggressive lord should make an impact in Modern for sure, but can General Kudro make Humans a deck in Standard?