Hullbreacher Pulled from Magic Online Vintage Cube

Hullbreacher has been removed from the Magic Online Vintage Cube.

Hullbreacher, illustrated by Sidharth Chaturvedi

After an abundance of power-level related complaints during the recent Supreme Draft: Vintage Cube event, Magic Online has replaced Hullbreacher with Thada Adel, Acquisitor.

Problems with Hullbreacher in Supreme Draft arose after users found its ability to combo with several cards, such as Timetwister, Time Spiral, and Wheel of Fortune, to be consistent to a fault. Additionally, thanks to the power-level of the cube, the card could easily be played turn one, leading to a ton of dead hands and immediate concessions.

Hullbreacher’s impact on the event was so drastic that it warranted a sizable discussion in Ryan Overturf’s most recent Premium article.

I would love to see stats for the week of Supreme Draft, and would bet that Hullbreacher ranks absurdly highly in terms of winningest cards in the Cube.

In response to the announcement, Ryan also made sure to remind anyone looking to play in the event that Thada Adel, while technically replacing Hullbreacher, is definitely not “as high of a pick.”