Green Gets Walls Matters Payoff In Towering Titan

Jumpstart Walls deck includes new mythic rare creature.

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC), check out a new build-around for wall and defender decks from Jumpstart’s Walls deck — Towering Titan!

The Walls deck from Jumpstart includes all-star defenders like Wall of Blossoms, Carven Caryatid, Overgrown Battlement, but also gets payoffs like Assault Formation and the newly previewed mythic rare seen above.

Towering Titan enters the battlefield with X +1+1 counters on it, where X is the total toughness of other creatures you control.

A perfect reward for building up strong defenses, Towering Titan doesn’t need an extra enabler to attack or buff its power other than you already having Walls. This Giant will be ready to rumble over almost any creature as long as you deployed a couple Walls, which is the name of the game with the specific deck it is included in. But what if they have chump blockers?

Sacrifice a creature with defender: All creatures gain trample until end of turn.

Chump blockers can’t save your opponent as long as you have a few Walls sitting around after playing Towering Titan. Unless something crazy happened after Towering Titan has resolved, it’ll have plenty of fuel to break through the opposing defenses, though chances are you’ll only need to trample through once or twice on your way to victory.

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