Green Gets Its Mythic Elemental Incarnation In Endurance In Modern Horizons 2

The green member of the Elemental Incarnation cycle is revealed!

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and Riley Knight, take a look at the green member of the Elemental Incarnation cycle from Modern Horizons 2 — Endurance!



When Endurance enters the battlefield, up to one target player puts all the cards from their graveyard on the bottom of their library in a random order.

Evoke – Exile a green card from your hand.

Following the cycle, Endurance can make its way onto the battlefield at any time to disrupt your opponent’s graveyard shenanigans, block an attacking creature, or even help you build early devotion if you want to get really spicy. It’s also nice that it only costs three mana, meaning if you’re unable or unwilling to cast it for its evoke cost, it’s not just stranded in your hand.

So what do you think of Endurance? Does it live up to the precedent set by the other Elemental Incarnations in the cycle? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Modern Horizons 2 is currently scheduled to release on June 18. View our Official Preview Gallery.