Good Morning Magic Previews Legendary Goblin Partner In Commander Legends

Are you the gambling type? Krark turns every instant and sorcery you cast into a double or nothing!

On today’s Good Morning Magic, bearded Gavin Verhey was joined by beardless Gavin Verhey to preview a new, legendary Goblin Wizard from Commander Legends — Krark, the Thumbless!

Poor Krark has lost his thumbs, but he certainly isn’t letting that impact his coin-flipping, chaos-generating potential!

For two mana, Krark turns every instant or sorcery you cast into a “double or nothing”, meaning you’re either casting that spell twice and getting a ton of value or you’re wasting a ton of mana for no reward.

In the early-game, the risk associated with Krark is minimal — allowing the player to gamble on low-cost instants and sorceries without risking too much and getting sweet value should fate be on your side. In the late-game however, ambitious players can gamble on potentially game-winning spells that require huge mana investments such as the Ultimatums, Primal Surge, Worst Fears, and many more.

Krark also has Partner, meaning he can be paired alongside another Commander to really get into the spirit of coin flipping shenanigans.

Important to note: You can help Krark get his thumbs back! (It makes flipping coins much easier).

Krark's Thumb

So what instants and sorceries are you most excited to gamble on with Krark? What other commanders would you make his partner? Let us know in the comments below!