Good Morning Magic Details Easter Eggs In Ingenuity Engine Art

See how many iconic artifacts you can find in the art of Ingenuity Engine.

Ingenuity Engine, illustrated by Yeong Hao Han

In the last scheduled episode of Good Morning Magic this year, Gavin Verhey broke down all the Easter eggs hiding in the art of Ingenuity Engine from Commander Legends.

The art description for the card suggested incorporating a Vedalken Orrery in the art and artist Yeong Hao Han did that and much more. Verhey pinpoints more than a dozen different artifacts making an appearance in the art including: Mana Vault, Sol Ring, Sword of Feast and Famine, Skullclamp, and even parts of Door to Nothingness.

Check out a few highlights below and see if you can spot any Verhey didn’t find.

Verhey said that this was the last scheduled episode of the show this year, but he might have a surprise episode to keep an eye out for it.