Fall From Favor Banned In Pauper

Commander Legends card banned for having adverse effect on the metagame.

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) made an emergency update to the banned and restricted list today to ban Fall from Favor in Pauper.

Fall from Favor

The Commander Legends common has warped the Pauper metagame, acting as creature removal and a card advantage in a single card. While Pauper has long been a format revolving around the Monarch mechanic, Fall from Favor makes it far too easy to gain the monarch before an opponent can set up defenses or counterplay. Ian Duke wrote in the announcement that the card, “pushes out aggressive creature decks and places too much emphasis on a player becoming and remaining the monarch before opposing decks can prepare counterplay.”

The article states that according to Magic Online data, Fall from Favor is having an adverse effect on the format. The decision to ban the card today was made to prevent it from having a larger impact on the upcoming Magic Online Qualifier tournament slated for Jan. 23. The article also said the format will continue to be monitored and adjustments will be made if necessary.

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