Distant Memories Temporarily Banned In Four Formats On Magic Online

An exploitable bug has lead to Distant Memories being temporarily banned in four formats.

Distant Memories by Karl Kopinski

Due to an exploitable bug, Distant Memories has been temporarily banned in Modern, Legacy, Vintage, and Commander until further notice.

Shared on the MagicTCG subreddit by user najdorf, the bug involves the opponent not being given the prompt to put the card selected by Distant Memories into the caster’s hand, at which point the opponent is left with their clock winding down with no way to stop it.

In addition to the card being removed from Magic Online until the bug can be fixed, many frustrated users have taken to Twitter, demanding punishments be given to players who actively exploited this bug.

Currently, there is no estimate for Distant Memories’ return to legality in any of the four formats.