Tomajko Overcomes Star-Studded Field, Wins 2019 Star City Games Players’ Championship!

A recap of Oliver Tomajko’s thrilling victory at the 2019 Star City Games Players’ Championship!

After three days of high-stakes Magic, the SCG Tour has its newest Players’ Champion – Oliver Tomajko!

Tomajko battled through one of the most stacked tournament fields in SCG Tour history, eventually defeating Edgar Magalhaes 2-1 in the finals.



In Standard, Tomajko played Simic Flash – a preexisting deck recently re-popularized by Brad Nelson, Javier Dominguez, and Seth Manfield at Mythic Championship VII.


For Modern, Tomajko played Bant Urza. Urza decks are currently one of the most dominant strategies in Modern, with many players choosing the Sultai build over Bant.

For Legacy, Tomajko played Four-Color Mentor. Despite being the only player to submit a “brew”, powerful value engines like Monastery Mentor and Oko, Thief of Crowns helped carry Tomajko to victory.

With his Players’ Champinship victory, Tomajko takes home $20,000 and the coveted Championship Belt.

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