Arena Qualifier Weekend Day 2 Marred By Tech Issues

Formats of event swapped on second day, leading to delays and frustrations.

Increasing Confusion illustrated by Dan Scott

The MTG Arena Qualifier Weekend event switched to the wrong format on Day 2, marking it the second straight Arena event plagued by errors.

The Arena Qualifier, a two-day event where players can earn qualifications to Set Championships, swapped from Standard to Historic on the second day, causing issues and delays, including some players facing decks from a different format. The MTG Arena team got around to solving the problems at around 12 pm ET on Sunday and players’ records were wiped, leading to players in other time zones being crunched to finish their matches.

Original messaging had told players who were playing Standard decks to keep playing, though the eventual fix wiped their records as well.

Near 1 pm ET, MTG Arena tweeted out that players could rejoin and begin playing again. All players in Day 2 were given 4,000 gems (roughly $25 in value) in compensation on top of any other rewards earned.

The mishap followed last weekend’s Arena Open, where Day 1 was met with massive server issues where players couldn’t log in to MTG Arena. Players who could log in had large wait times between rounds, making the window to complete runs or attempt multiple runs incredibly difficult.