Weekly MTG Stream Unveils All Doctor Cards Featured In Magic: The Gathering — Doctor Who Set

See the Doctors, many of the Companions, sagas, and more from the Universes Beyond product

Plains (Doctor Who) illustrated by Svetlin Velinov

Today’s Weekly MTG stream featured the official debut video for Magic: The Gathering — Doctor Who, previewing all of the Doctors, many of the Companions, and episode-centric cards from the upcoming Universes Beyond product.

James Page, from Doctor Who, and Gavin Verhey joined Blake Rasmussen to go over the four preconstructed decks along with the booster fun treatments that will be used in the Collector Boosters.

Blast From The Past

The Blast From the Past deck features the first eight Doctors, dating all the way back to episodes from 1963. The deck has a historic theme with many of the Doctors caring about historic spells in some form or fashion.

The First Doctor flavorfully gets to find the TARDIS and pairs with Susan Foreman.

While the Second Doctor is a fun, group-hug themed Commander, who is paired with Jamie McCrimmon.

The Third Doctor is token-based Commander and his companion is Jo Grant, who is all about cycling (evidenced by the art).

The iconic Fourth Doctor lets you play historic cards from the top of your deck and is paired with Sarah Jane Smith, the investigative reporter.

The Fifth Doctor is for the patient, plotting players. Tegan Jovanka rewards you for waiting and building up your attacks.

The Sixth Doctor cares about copying your first historic spell each turn. He is paired with Peri Brown, who happens to give your first historic spell each turn convoke.

The Seventh Doctor is on flavor with his goofy appearance and guessing game ability. His companion is Ace, Fearless Rebel.

The Eighth Doctor is based off his appearance from “The Night of the Doctor” mini-episode and so he doesn’t have a companion.


The Timey-Wimey deck focuses on the Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Doctors and introduces the time travel mechanic.

The Ninth Doctor offers a way to get an extra upkeep step, which will speed up your cards with suspend. His companion is Rose Tyler, who can go even Bad Wolf mode.

The Tenth Doctor has a special Timey-Wimey ability focused on time travel and can suspend cards from the top of your library. His companion is Donna Noble, fittingly with soulbond.

The Eleventh Doctor features an ability based off his famous line, “I. Am. Talking!” His companion is Amy Pond, who partners with Rory Williams.

Paradox Power

The Paradox Power deck uses the Twelfth and Thirteenth Doctor and revolves around the paradox ability, which wants you to cast spells from anywhere other than your hand.

The Twelfth Doctor loves to demonstrate and gets larger when you copy a spell. His companion is the impossible girl, Clara Oswald.

The Thirteenth Doctor has boundless energy and has a paradox ability and Team TARDIS ability. Her companion is Yasmin Khan.

Masters Of Evil

The Masters of Evil deck is all about the villains from the show’s history and is nicknamed “group slug,” as you can attack all your opponents at once.

Davros, Dalek Creator is the infamous character who made the Daleks, one of the most recognizable objects from the Doctor Who universe. He is paired with Missy, who turns creatures into Cyberman artifact creatures.

Weeping Angel is from one of the most popular episodes “Don’t Blink.” These stone statues can’t fly, but are incredibly fast and will send you back in time if you blink.

More Previews

Many notable episodes got their own card, mostly using sags to tell the story of each iconic episode.

An Unearthly Child is the saga based off the first episode of Doctor Who.

The Second Doctor sends himself to exile to end the problem of the Warriors from The War Games.

Another iconic phrase from the show, Reverse the Polarity is basically the Third Doctor’s catch phrase.

City of Death is a memorable episode featuring the Fourth Doctor.

The Fifth Doctor sacrifices himself to save Peri, but regenerates at the end.

The Sixth Doctor is put on trial over the course of a season and this saga plays into those courtroom politics.

The saga for the Seventh Doctor is The Curse of Fenric that captures the core of the episode with the Mutant and Fenric blowing each other up in the end.

The Night of the Doctor is the saga for the Eighth Doctor and only has two chapters, referencing the brevity of the mini-episode.

Everybody Lives! is a card for an episode for the Ninth Doctor, where he winds up in the Blitz and saves all the people who are infected.

The saga for the Tenth Doctor brings back the horsemanship mechanic which allows your Doctor to connect with an opponent.

The Eleventh Hour is the saga for the Eleventh Doctor. The Doctor doesn’t have long to save the day and the last chapter makes a Prisoner Zero token.

The Twelfth Doctor’s saga is Heaven Sent that captures the essence of a creature catching up with the Doctor who is trapped in a loop, the Confession Dial.

The Thirteenth Doctor discovers the Fugitive Doctor, a character from the past before the First Doctor on Fugitive of the Judoon.

Booster Fun

Magic: The Gathering — Doctor Who has the Commander decks as usual, but also Collector Boosters with booster fun treatments.

There will be 30 cards with the TARDIS frame treatment and the Doctors and some of the Companions have borderless treatments as well. There will be serialized versions of the Doctors as well. The amount of serialized cards available is equal to 500 plus whatever the Doctor’s number is (501 for the First Doctor or 513 for the Thirteenth Doctor).

Some of the Companions can be seen below.

The Collector Boosters allow players to bling out their Commander decks with foils, serialized, borderless, or special treatments rather than being stuck with the base version from the Commander deck precons. More information on the special treatments can be found in the Collecting Magic: The Gathering — Doctor Who article from Daily MTG.

Magic: The Gathering – Doctor Who releases on October 13.