Weekly MTG Gives First Look At Cards From MTG x Fallout

Check out the first cards from MTG x Fallout

Thursday’s special episode of Weekly MTG gave a first look at the Universes Beyond: Magic: The Gathering x Fallout.

Important Dates

  • Debut and Previews Begin: February 20, 2024
  • Global Release: March 8, 2024
  • Commander Launch Party: March 8–10, 2024

Preconstructed Decks

Scrappy Survivors

Standard frame (Commander Decks) | Pip-Boy Frame (Collector Boosters) | Special Commander Frame (Commander Deck)


Hail, Caesar

Mutant Menace



Vaults are represented as sagas in the preconstructed decks. There will be vaults in each deck.

Vault Boy Variants

Available in Collector boosters. There will be 26 total Vault Boy variant cards.

Basic Lands

Additional Previews

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