Weekly MTG Reveals New Promos, Changes To RCQ System

Check out the updated RCQ system, plus key dates and new promos

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, illustrated by Raymond Swanland

Magic’s Director of Play Programs, William “Huey” Jensen, joined Weekly MTG to discuss upcoming changes to the RCQ (Regional Championship Qualifier) program and more.

Important Dates

  • February 17-19 – Pro Tour Philadelphia
  • April 22 – August 20 – Pioneer RCQ Round (For PT 4)
  • May 5-7 – Pro Tour 2 (Minneapolis)
  • May 20-July 2 – Regional Championships (For PT 3)
  • July 28-30 – Pro Tour 3 (Barcelona)
  • September to December – Modern RCQ Round (For PT 5)
  • September 3-Novemeber 26 – Regional Championships (For PT 4)

RCQ Updates

To better accommodate the majority of players, under the updated system, each in-store RCQ will adhere to one select constructed format (Standard, Pioneer, Modern) per cycle. This change was made so that players would be less pressured to have decks built in multiple formats, and to drive up attendance for each event. Stores will also have the additional option to select Limited as their RCQ format of choice, however Limited will not be represented at any upcoming Regional Championship events.

Designated constructed formats for each cycle will also match that cycle’s Regional Championship, meaning if a cycle’s RCQs are Standard, the RC will also be Standard. Note that the Regional Championship format may not match that cycle’s Pro Tour format(s).

New Promos

The following promotional cards will be available with the upcoming RCQ season.