Top MTG And FAB Decks And Winners From SCG CON Syracuse

Check out the decklists from each major event at SCG CON Syracuse

Eiganjo, Seat of the Empire illustrated by Zounose

SCG CON Syracuse is in the books! Check out all the winners over the weekend and the decklists from the Modern $30K, Modern and Legacy $5Ks, Flesh and Blood Road to Nationals and Battle Hardened events.

Modern $30K

Yicheng Jiang took down the Modern $30K main event with Four-Color Blink (Yorion), claiming the top prize of $5,000 and qualifying for the Regional Championship at Dreamhack Atlanta.

Yicheng Jiang

Jiang, the lone Four-Color Blink player in the Top 12, defeated Matt Tumavitch on Izzet Midrange in the finals. Tumavitch, Francisco Vargas (third), and Daniel Walton (fourth) also earned qualifications for the Regional Championship.

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Modern $5K

Bryce Morgan won the Modern $5K with Azorius Control, winning $2,000 and qualifying for the Regional Championship at Dreamhack Atlanta.

Bryce Morgan

Morgan defeated Gabriel Nicholas on Izzet Midrange in the finals, rising above a Top 8 with SCG Tour veterans Shaheen Soorani and Jonathan Rosum.

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Legacy $5K

Bryant Cook, the longtime Storm aficionado, won the Legacy $5K with his pet deck.

Bryant Cook

Cook rolled through the Top 8 after entering as the No. 5 seed, culminating with a win over Alex Rubin on Izzet Delver in the finals. Cook took home $2,000 for his win.

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Battle Hardened

Isaak Krut capped a dominant weekend of Flesh and Blood action by winning the Uprising Limited Battle Hardened event after making the Top 4 of the Road to Nationals on Friday.

Isaak Krut

Krut made the elimination rounds as the No. 8 seed and drafted Iyslander in the Top 8 draft. Krut defeated Michael Feng in the finals, outlasting a Top 8 filled with accomplished players like Tariq Patel, Yuanji Li, and Cody Williams. Krut earned $500, a PTI, and a curated gold cold foil legendary promo card.

Road To Nationals

Aaron Shantz won the Road to Nationals event on Friday with Viserai, Rune Blood.

Aaron Shantz

Shantz and Krut made the Top 8 of the Classic Constructed event with Viserai, bringing the Runeblade hero back to the front of the metagame. Shantz defeated Ethan Van Sant on Levia, Shadowborn Abomination in the finals to win an Iyslander adult hero cold foil, a random cold foil adult hero promo, and an invite to the Nationals.

All players in the Top 8 qualified for Nationals. The Top 8 players were:

  • Aaron Shantz
  • Ethan Van Sant
  • Isaak Krut
  • James Balthis
  • Daniel Rutkowski
  • Peyton Laufenberg
  • Alberto Miracle
  • Raymond Chow

SCG CON returns next month in Baltimore on August 19-21, featuring a $25K Team Constructed event.