Top MTG And FAB Decks And Winners From SCG CON New Jersey

Check out the decklists from each major event at SCG CON New Jersey

Sprite Dragon, illustrated by Gabor Szikszai

SCG CON New Jersey is in the books! Check out all the winners over the weekend and the decklists from the Modern $20K, Modern and Legacy $5Ks, as well as the Flesh and Blood Battle Hardened and Pro Quest winner.

Modern $20K

David Nunez came out on top of the two-day, 430-person Modern $20K with Izzet Prowess (Jegantha).

David Nunez

Nunez put a deck that had lost its luster back in the spotlight by winning the Modern $20K with Izzet Prowess. Nunez defeated William Thompson on Azorius Control in the finals to take home the $3,000 first-place prize. Nunez, Thompson and the third and fourth-place finishers, Travis Williams and Joseph Cody, all earned invites to the Regional Championship at DreamHack on top of the prize money for making the Top 4.

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Modern $5K

Adam Snook won the Modern $5K on Sunday with Rakdos Midrange.

Adam Snook

Snook, a longtime SCG regular and midrange enthusiast, beat Robert Seder on Azorius Control to win $1,500 and the qualification to the Regional Championship at DreamHack.

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Legacy $5K

Garret Hodos and Izzet Delver claimed the top spot in the Legacy $5K on Sunday.

Garret Hodos

Hodos won an Izzet Delver mirror against Kenta Hiroki to win $1,500 and the trophy. The Top 16 had five white or Boros Initiative decks, but Izzet Delver still took the top two spots in the 92-person event.

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Battle Hardened

Jeffrey White won the Classic Constructed Battle Hardened event on Saturday with Oldhim, Grandfather of Eternity.

Jeffrey White

White won the Saturday Battle Hardened, defeating Michael Jaszczur in the Oldhim mirror. The other top four players were both on Iyslander, Stormbind.

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Pro Quest

Hayden Jeanson won the Classic Constructed Pro Quest on Sunday with Oldhim, Grandfather of Eternity.

Hayden Jeanson

Decklists aren’t available yet. Check out the Flesh and Blood decklists page for updates.

SCG CON returns with more Magic: The Gathering and Flesh and Blood action in Indianapolis on February 3-5.