The Tenth Doctor, TARDIS, And More Previews From Doctor Who Commander Decks First Look

Get the run down on the four Commander Decks in the upcoming Universes Beyond product

The Twelfth Doctor, illustrated by Alexander Mokhov

Today’s episode of Good Morning Magic was a follow up to Gavin Verhey’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con last night, where he gave the first look at cards and art from the upcoming Doctor Who Commander Decks.

This Universes Beyond product will feature four Commander Decks and Collector Boosters with booster fun treatments of the cards included in the decks. Three decks focus on the various Doctors in the show’s history and their companions, while the fourth deck is all about the villains.

Each deck contains 50 new cards and every card in the set has new art. And with a product all about traveling through space and time, it’s only fitting that the decks also have 10 new Planechase cards. The three decks revolving around the Doctors include multiple Doctors and companions, so that players can mix and match as they choose, and create their own episode as they play.

The first preview card is TARDIS, which is in all three Doctor decks, but not the villains deck. All of the Doctors in the set use the creature type Time Lord Doctor, with Time Lord being the first two-word creature type. The Doctor’s companions use a mechanic called Doctor’s companion, which is similar to partner, but reads, “you can have two commanders if the other is the Doctor.”

Blast From The Past Commander Deck

The Blast From the Past deck is blue, white, and green. The Fourth Doctor is the face card and is blue and green and pairs with Sarah Jane Smith, a white companion. This deck has the first eight Doctors and their corresponding saga, as each Doctor in the product has its own saga.

Check out some of the art used on cards in this deck, ranging from The First Doctor, K-9, and The City of Death, which is the saga for The Fourth Doctor.

This deck also contains The Lux Foundation Library card and a token for Alien Insect, a reimagined version of am iconic character from the show’s early days.

Timey-Wimey Commander Deck

The Timey-Wimey Commander Deck focuses on Doctors 9, 10, and 11. It’s all about time counters, suspend counters, and time travel.

Check out The Tenth Doctor, a blue and red creature with the Allons-y! and Timey-Wimey abilities. His companion is Rose Tyler, who will be previewed at MagicCon: Barcelona.

Take a look at the art for Rose Tyler, The War Doctor, The Face of Boe, and more.

The Eleventh Hour is the saga for The Eleventh Doctor.

This deck includes this special Food token and the Planechase card for Bad Wolf Bay.

Paradox Power Commander Deck

The Paradox Power Commander Deck features Doctors 12 and 13 and is headline by The Thirteenth Doctor, who is blue and green, and Yasmin Khan, a red companion. This deck is all about the new paradox ability, which triggers whenever you cast a spell from anywhere other than your hand.

Check out the art for Doctors 12 and 13, Yasmin Khan, Me, the Immortal, and more.

This deck has its own Clue token and the Fixed Point in Time Planechase card.

Masters Of Evil Commander Deck

This deck is all about the villains of the Doctor Who universe. The deck is red, black, and blue and helmed by Davros, Dalek Creator. The alternate commander can be Missy, another Grixis aligned creature. The deck uses the new villainous choice mechanic that makes opponents choose between two bad outcomes.

Feast your eyes on the art for Davros, Missy, The Valeyard, and more.

This deck includes Exterminate!, a removal spell that can scale with the number of Daleks you control. Davros happens to make Dalek tokens, which can also be seem below.

Let’s not forget the Planechase card for The Doctor’s Tomb!

More details on the Doctor Who Commander Decks will be coming next week at MagicCon: Barcelona. The set is scheduled to release on October 13.