The Arrival Of An Unexpected Ally Turns The Tide Of Battle In The March Of The Machine Story

Learn the fate of Elspeth and the other remaining planeswalkers in March of the Machine chapters 6 and 7

illustrated by Livia Prima

The two newest episodes of Magic’s March of the Machine story reunite readers with Elspeth after she planeswalked away with the erupting sylex.

Episode 6 begins in Elspeth’s mind, where she dreams of her traumatic childhood, imprisoned by the forces of Phyrexia. After being forced to relive the horrors leading to her mother’s death in third-person, Elspeth intervenes in her dream to save her young self, at which point a voice beckons her to wake up. The voice belongs to the one of Magic’s most powerful and iconic Angels – Serra.

Upon awakening, Elspeth finds herself floating through space, surrounded by visions from her past and present. Disguised as a visage of her mother, Serra guides Elspeth from plane to plane, allowing her to witness the extent of the Phyrexian invasion first-hand. She witnesses Atraxa laying ruin to New Capenna, Ajani converting the gods of Theros, and the destruction of countless other planes.

According to Serra, she has the choice to intervene, to save any one of these planes so dear to her, but Elspeth knows her purpose is greater. Even when Serra tempts her by taking the form of her beloved Daxos, Elspeth pushes on, choosing to intervene where it matters most – at the heart of New Phyrexia.

From the space of the other dimension, Elspeth watches as Elesh Norm dismembers the heretic praetor, Urabrask. Her gaze shifts to the forms, kneeling on ground nearby – Chandra, Wrenn, Koth, and Karn. Elspeth recognizes that the fate of the multiverse will be determined here, and pushing away her own selfish desires to save Ajani or her home plane, she knows this is where she must intervene.

Seemingly pleased with her decision, Serra fades away as Elspeth is reborn into an archangel.

Chapter 7 begins with a monologue from Karn. The once great father of machines, while alive, has been tortured by Phyrexia and lays helpless on a cement slab. As Karn looks back on his past, Elesh Norn commands Jin-Gitaxias to end him. Just as his claw lowers, the now ascended Elspeth descends from above with a clarion call, landing with such force that Jin-Gitaxias’ forces are knocked into the abyss.

Despite her new appearance, Karn and Elesh Norn alike recognize Elspeth’s voice. The stunned praetors look on as Elspeth does what she can to heal her allies before turning her sights to Elesh Norn. The mother of machines commands Nissa and Jin-Gitaxias to pursue Chandra and the other rejuvenated prisoners, while she turns her full attention to Elspeth.

Elesh Norn hurls pieces of debris of every size and material at the archangel, but none have any effect. Now within arms reach of each other, Elesh Norn launches into the stereotypical “we’re not so different, you and I” villain speech, but her words have the opposite effect on Elspeth, who turns the mind-games against her. Before Elesh Norn can react, Elspeth launches her attack in blinding light, then rushes onward to catch up to the other group.

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