Surprise Banned & Restricted Announcement Hits Four Initiative Spells In Pauper

The Pauper Format Panel “takes the initiative” to remove four problematic cards.

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and the Pauper Format Panel (PFP) have announced that four cards from Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate have been banned in Pauper.

Aarakocra Sneak Stirring Bard

Underdark Explorer Vicious Battlerager

According to Gavin Verhey, the PFP felt that the Initiative mechanic, specifically the cards above, had simply become too ubiquitous to be considered healthy for the format. In just a short amount of time where these cards were available on Magic Online, not only had they inspired a brand-new archetype (Turbo Initiative), but were also being slotted into pre-existing decks like Dimir Faeries, at a max number of copies.

There are seven total common Initiative cards from Battle for Baldur’s Gate, and the PFP is choosing to start by banning the four-cost cards above, so that cards like Lotus Petal and Dark Ritual cannot be used to power them out immediately. The three remaining Initiative cards will continue to be watched closely and banned if deemed necessary.

You can learn more about Initiative in Pauper and the PFP’s full explanation in today’s Good Morning Magic below.

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