Ssssssnakessssss Secret Lair Card Art Updated

Stonecoil Serpent art updated to not include naked goblin

Stonecoil Serpent illustrated by Mark Poole

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) announced that the initial art for Stonecoil Serpent from the Ssssssnakessssss Secret Lair drop used the wrong art and will be updated in both foil and non-foil versions of the drop.

The updated art of Stonecoil Serpent by Laynes can be seen below.

The article didn’t mention the specifics on why the art was being changed, but the art now no longer includes a naked goblin on a stake in the lower middle part of the card. People who ordered the Secret Lair drop will be notified directly and those who want to cancel or change their order will be able to do so. The Ssssssnakessssss drop was announced as part of the Winter 2023 SuperDrop.

Many MTG fans in the Twitter thread commented that they actually wanted the version with the goblin and would cancel their order if it includes the updated art.

Read the original announcement from WotC.