Schlesinger, Gruul Vehicles (Jegantha), Wins Dallas Regional Championship

Bradley Schlesinger takes down Regional Championship in Dallas with Gruul Vehicles (Jegantha)

Migloz, Maze Crusher illustrated by Zezhou Chen

Bradley Schlesinger won the Regional Championship in Dallas with Gruul Vehicles (Jegantha) on Sunday.

Schlesinger made the Top 8 of the 1,174-person tournament as the No. 2 seed by going 12-1-1 in the Swiss rounds over two days of competition. Schlesinger was the lone Gruul Vehicles player in the Top 8 and just one of 20 people in the tournament on the deck.

Schlesinger defeated Donald Sheldon on Rakdos Sacrifice (Jegantha) in the quarterfinals and Toph Robinson on Dimir Rogues in the semifinals to advance to the finals and secure a spot in the World Championship. Schlesinger scrapped out a 2-1 in the finals over Matt Foreman, also on Rakdos Sacrifice, to take home the trophy and $30,000 first-place prize.

The Top 8 featured a variety of decks with seven of the most popular decks in the event failing to put a player in the elimination rounds. Quang Vu, on Mono-Green Devotion, was the only player to put an archetype with more than percent of the field into the Top 8. Two versions of Spirits made the top cut to go with the two copies of Rakdos Sacrifice. Gruul Vehicles, Dimir Rogues, and Five-Color Enigmatic Fires rounded out the bracket.

DeckNo. of PlayersPercentage of Field
Rakdos Midrange24721.1
Mono-Green Devotion13311.3
Izzet Creativity887.5
Azorius Control877.4
Abzan Greasefang746.3
Mono-White Humans665.6
Boros Convoke564.7
Lotus Field Combo463.9
Azorius Spirits383.2
Rakdos Sacrifice373.1

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