RCQ Kits For United States Regional Championship Season 3, Round 2 Available Now

The United States Regional Championship is expanding in Season 3, Round 2!

Starting with Season 3, Round 2, the United States Regional Championship program expands to feature two Regional Championships each round!

Regional Championship Qualifier (RCQ) Kits will be available for purchase starting June 18. If you’ve already received approval for Season 3, Round 1 events, there’s no need to submit another application. 

Those still needing to apply should head over to Melee’s RCQ page.

Organizer Information

  • Sign-ups for hosting Season 3, Round 2 RCQs: June 18 – Sept 27, 2024.
  • Scheduling window for Season 3, Round 2 RCQ events: August 3 – November 3, 2024.
  • Season 3, Round 2 RCQ approved formats: Modern or Bloomburrow Limited.
    • The format for both Regional Championships will be Modern.
  • Organizers can purchase kits to run up to three (3) RCQ events per season. 

For details, visit our Regional Championship Qualifier information page.

Event Kit Contents

  • 32 Sleight of Hand promotional cards to be distributed to players of the event at the Organizers discretion.
  • Supreme Verdict for the Top 8 players.
  • Foil Supreme Verdict foil for the winner.
  • Informational and promotional inserts.


If you have any questions or require additional assistance with the RCQ sign-up process, please reference our WPN Retailer FAQ or contact us directly at [email protected].