Breaking Down Mythic Championship VII’s Top 8 Decks And What Comes Next

Patrick Chapin breaks down the Top 8 of Mythic Championship VII and where Standard will go next!

Throne of Eldraine's arrival to Standard lead to a format dominated by Simic ramp decks and Simic flash decks. Some were built around Field of the Dead and some were not. At that point, Wizards of the Coast banned Field of the Dead.

As some feared, this format was also dominated by the same things, except now without Field of the Dead decks. After the most homogeneous Mythic Championship ever (a record that will probably hold for Mythic Championships), WotC dropped three more bans on the format.

Yeah, banning cards is a messy business. Still, it's better that they took a strong position, especially since we appear to have ended up in the part of the range that involves Simic continuing to be super-resilient. While initial online events appeared to have their pace set by Jeskai Fires decks, followed by Jund Sacrifice, Golgari Adventure, and various Knights decks, it appears it was only a matter of time (and incentive) before some of the best deck-builders and deck-tuners in the world figured out the necessary adjustments to bring Simic back . . .

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