One Planeswalker Returns As Another Is Lost In March Of The Machine’s Story

Wrenn, Chandra, and Koth fight for the future of the multiverse… wait is that Teferi?

Wrenn, illustrated by Viko Menezes

Episode 8 of Magic’s March of the Machine story picks back up with Chandra, Koth, and Wrenn racing toward Realmbreaker. After being separated from Seven, Wrenn is unable to walk on her own and is being carried by Chandra. Koth and Chandra do their best to keep the Phyrexian forces at bay as they push forward, but ultimately, they cannot outrun Nissa.

Nissa’s twisted vines grip the pyromancer’s leg, dragging her into the air and causing her to lose her grip on Wrenn. As Chandra is dragged away, the few remaining Mirran forces pass Wrenn from soldier to soldier until at least she reaches Realmbreaker.

Unlike any tree she has encountered before, Wrenn begins to doubt her ability to join with Realmbreaker, but knows she must try. As her roots sink into the great tree, she is flooded with all the evil contained within, and struggles to get her barring. As Wrenn struggles, Nissa’s vines continues to lift Chandra higher, prepared to end her at any time, but before she is able to, archangel Elspeth delivers a devastating below from behind, causing Nissa to drop Chandra. Elspeth catches her and gets the pyromancer back on her feet, at which point she rushes to Wrenn’s side.

Despite being blinded by her internal fire, Wrenn can still hear Chandra, who reassures her, coaching the dryad through the fiery pain. Thanks to Chandra’s guidance, Wrenn finally makes contact with the true form of the Realmbreaker – a tiny sapling lost in the dark. Reaching out with everything she has, Wrenn persuades the sapling to join her and together they become Wrenn and Eight, and begin to grow.

Now combined, Wrenn and Eight reach out into the blind eternities in search of Teferi. Eight’s branches reach planes all across the multiverse, nearly all of which are being ravaged by the forces of Phyrexia under blood-red skies. Finally, Wrenn finds a trace of Teferi’s magic, leading her to Zhalfir.

Wrenn wastes no time opening a portal to the forgotten plane, and calls out to the temporal master. Recognizing what’s happening, Teferi jumps into action and enters the portal back to New Phyrexia. Wrenn does her best to inform him of the situation, but finds herself on the verge of passing out, her magic having been sapped trying to locate Teferi.

Recognizing that she herself cannot join the fight, Wrenn along with Eight make the decision to expend all their remaining strength to open another portal to Zhalfir, massive enough to bring the plane’s entire army through. Teferi beckons to the plane’s greatest warriors and mages, and thousands heed his call.

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