New MTG Bloomburrow Creature Gives Red All The Tools It Needs To Succeed

Elemental Cat fights life gain, damage prevention, and punishes players for using too many nonbasic lands

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC), check out a Calamity Beast from Bloomburrow that combines three of red’s most powerful spells and effects in Magic: The Gathering history — Sunspine Lynx!

Life gain and damage prevention have been two of red mages’ worst fears for decades, leading to the adoption of cards like Skullcrack, Roiling Vortex, Rampaging Ferocidon, Leyline of Punishment, and many others. Sunspine Lynx is a four-mana 5/4 Elemental Cat that keeps players from gaining life or preventing damage by itself.

Price of Progress

And if all of that wasn’t enough, Sunspine Lynx also provides a mini Price of Progress upon entering the battlefield. While it isn’t two damage per nonbasic land, an ETB trigger than can deal a handful of damage is nothing to scoff at. Modern Magic hasn’t really seen this level of nonbasic land hate, it typically comes in the form of destroying a single nonbasic land or turning off lands via Blood Moon and Harbinger of the Seas. Of course, if the package of the three awesome effects isn’t enough, Sunspine Lynx can get into the red zone to seal a game.

Sunspine Lynx is available in the normal frame and borderless field notes treatment. It’s safe to assume a red creature with this many effects will see some amount of play, particularly in sideboards, but will a Standard meta form that makes it a serious main deck threat?

Bloomburrow is scheduled to release on August 2. View our official preview gallery.