MTG Head Designer Shares Teasers For Unfinity

Mark Rosewater shares his teaser for Magic’s next set, Unfinity

Following preview season tradition, Magic: The Gathering Head Designer, Mark Rosewater, has shared a teaser for Unfinity to his Blogatog.

Rosewater gives his usual categories of teasers, ranging from card text snippets, lines of rules text, creature types, and reminder text. Some of the teasers that stand out include:

  • A card that can make multiple Storm Crow tokens
  • Another spell that lets you open a booster pack
  • A card that can become over five hundred different cards for the turn
  • A card that enchants your graveyard
  • A common command
  • Legendary Creature – Elephant Mouse Performer
  • Legendary Artifact Creature – Robot

This Un-set looks to be leaning into established memes and jokes from the community more so than previous silver-border sets. With cards caring about Storm Crows, a common command, and plenty of new cards that use outside assistance, Unfinity appears to be leaning further into flavor and fun despite many of the cards will be legal in eternal formats.

So what do you think of Rosewater’s teaser? Are there any specific hints that stick out to you? Let us know your theories!

Unfinity is scheduled to release on October 7. View our official preview gallery.