Magic: The Gathering Promos For Gen Con 2024 Revealed

Check out the MTG promos available at Gen Con 2024!

Dark Ritual, illustrated by Wizard of Barge

Magic: The Gathering returns once again to North America’s largest tabletop gaming convention, sporting a lineup of exciting events and promo cards.

Those heading to Gen Con in Indianapolis, Indiana August 1-4 will have the opportunity to enjoy a gambit of Magic: The Gathering events and panels including Game Knights Live, You Make the Unknown Card (hosted by Gavin Verhey), a behind-the-scenes look at the development of Bloomburrow, and more.

For those looking to shuffle up and play, a foil promo Lighting Bolt, illustrated by manga and graphic novel artist Toru Terada, can be acquired by entering any event that costs $40 or more.

If you’re unable to enter an event, worry not, as you can also get a copy of this promo by purchasing a Secret Lair drop at the Hasbro Pulse booth (E501). Speaking of Secret Lair, the convention-exclusive Burning Revelations drop will also be available in limited quantities at Gen Con.

For fans of Magic’s eternal formats, be sure to sign up for the Secret Lair Showdown featuring Legacy Constructed. Players will be able to enter on-site qualifier events that will feed a 32-person Championship event held on Sunday. Each entrant will also earn a Secret Lair promo Spell Pierce, illustrated by Michael Koehler, just for playing.

Players who manage to qualify for the 32-player Showdown Championship will also earn a foil Secret Lair promo Murktide Regent, illustrated by Rowynn Ellis.

And finally, the winner of the whole event will earn the coveted foil Secret Lair promo Dark Ritual, illustrated by Wizard of Barge.

For the full lineup of events and offerings, read the original article from Wizards of the Coast.