Magic: The Gathering Collaboration With Teddy Fresh Coming Soon

Trading card game making another notable crossover with a popular clothing brand

Teddy Bear (Unfinity) illustrated by Ernanda Souza

Ethan Klein, of the H3 Podcast, announced yesterday that Teddy Fresh, the popular clothing brand, will show off a collaboration with Magic: The Gathering later this month at Complex Con.

This latest fashion crossover with Magic: The Gathering comes after multiple collaborations between Brain Dead and MTG. Teddy Fresh was started in 2017 by Hila Klein, wife of the H3 Podcast host, and features colorful and playful designs inspired by 1990s fashion. The announcement starts at 13:05 mark of the three-and-a-half hour podcast.

Ethan Klein started by saying that Teddy Fresh was going to have a booth at Complex Con, a festival that brings together influential brands and artists for a weekend of style, sneakers, art, design, food, music, inspiration, and more. Complex Con is scheduled for November 18-19 in Long Beach, California.

No designs were unveiled yet, but Ethan Klein said the art is unmatched and the teams did an awesome job of mixing the brands into some beautiful clothing. The Teddy Fresh booth at Complex Con will also be giving away hundreds of Magic: The Gathering booster packs.