Kellan Completes First Step Of His Quest In Wilds Of Eldraine Episode 2

The young adventurer takes out a witch and makes two friends on the way

Illustrated by Pascal Quidault

The second chapter of the Wilds of Eldraine story branches into Rowan’s wandering knight path and Kellan’s first step as an unlikely hero.

Episode 2: Wandering Knight, Budding Hero begins with Rowan adventuring deep into the wilds of Eldraine and chatting with a prophetic spider-in-disguise smallfolk. Royse, the talented weaver spider, tells Rowan to search for answers in an old, abandoned castle. Rowan takes Royse’s advice and finds the castle, only to see it is a shell of itself after years of looting. The knight takes a nap in a suspiciously untouched bed and has a dream of her parents, who tell her to head to Castle Ardenvale. When Rowan wakes, she decides to listen to their instructions.

Illustrated by Aurore Folny

The rest of the episode follows Kellan as he begins his quest to defeat the three witches. We catch up with Kellan in Edgewall, asking anyone that will chat about the location of any witches. He sees the Wicked Slumber for the first time, keeping a knight in a deep sleep despite being knocked over and repositioned. Kellan meets Ruby, a girl in red cloak, who decides to help him on his quest of finding the witches in exchange for Kellan helping her find her brother, Peter.

As the duo searches for the first witch in Dunnbarrow they run into a Knight in wolf armor, who they fend off by magically sending Witchstalkers after it. The wolf knight takes off into the woods as Kellan and Ruby stumble upon a witch’s cottage. They peek through the windows to see Agatha, the Hungry preparing to cook a wounded knight, that turns out to be Syr Imodane from the first episode. Kellan sneaks into the cottage then shoves Agatha into the cauldron. The witch vanishes into a puff of black smoke as she falls into the boiling stew.

Illustrated by Marta Nael

The wolf knight enters the cottage after defeating the Witchstalkers, only to take off his helmet and reveal he is Peter. Ruby and Peter help Kellan take the cauldron, proof of the first defeated witch, to Lord Talion through an ethereal archway. The Lord of the Fae tells Kellan the second witch, Hylda, is hiding but can be found in the Indrelon mirror, which was taken from Castle Vantress. The mirror can be found atop a beanstalk half a day’s ride from the cottage.

Ruby and Peter realize Kellan is completing the quest of the Lord of the Fae and want to help him. Kellan feels a hint of bravery and heroism after finishing the first step of his quest and gaining two companions.

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