Important Dates And New Promos For MTG Bloomburrow Revealed

Mark your calendars for these MTG Bloomburrow events!

illustrated by Nana Qi

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has shared a series of important dates and promos for upcoming events tied to the release of Magic: The Gathering’s next set – Bloomburrow.

Important Dates

  • Prerelease Events: July 26 – August 1 
  • Magic at Gen Con: August 1 – 4 
  • Standard Showdown: August 2 – September 19 
  • Commander Party: August 16 – 23 and September 6 – 12 
  • Store Championships: August 24 – September 15 
  • WPN Open House: September 13 – 15 

Store Championship

Those participating in Bloomburrow‘s Store Championship events August 24 – September 15 will compete to earn a textless promo Urza’s Saga and a extended-art Shark Typhoon promo.

Commander Party

Players interested in earning this retro frame Heirloom Blade promo can head to Bloomburrow Commander Party events, held August 16 – 23 and September 6 – 12.

Newer players purchasing Bloomburrow Starter Kits will get an exclusive Sticker Sheet with their purchase (while supplies last).

Lastly, those who spend $75 on sealed Magic: The Gathering product at their local WPN Premium store can get this limited edition Mabel keychain, also while supplies last.

Head over to Wizards Play Network to see the full lineup of Bloomburrow promos and other materials.

Bloomburrow is scheduled to release on August 2. View our official preview gallery.