Good Morning Magic Gives Commander Masters Commander Deck Hints

Get some teasers for new cards coming in the Commander Decks for Commander Masters

Day’s Undoing illustrated by Jonas De Ro

Gavin Verhey gave 12 hints about new cards and showed off four new pieces of art coming in the Commander Decks for Commander Masters on today’s episode of Good Morning Magic.

Here are the hints about some of the 40 new cards coming from the Commander Decks:

  • There’ s a card that is not a planeswalker, which enters the battlefield with loyalty counters
  • There’s a card with the adamant ability from Throne of Eldraine
  • There’s a card that can become a legendary 6/6 Nightmare God creature with menace and deathtouch
  • The colorless deck isn’t just Eldrazi — for example, there’s a new colorless Ikoria monster, and a new Strixhaven Archaic, too
  • There’s a card that was originally designed for Commander 2018 that was cut
  • There’s a new Titan, modeled after the M11 Titans
  • There’s a card that turns planeswalkers into birds
  • There’s a new impetus, in the vein of the ones we originally saw in the Ikoria Commander set
  • There’s a legendary card for an obscure flavor text character we saw in Time Spiral block
  • There’s a card named “Guff Rewrites History”
  • There’s a legendary creature that makes you choose a planeswalker type
  • There’s a mono-blue planeswalker that has never gotten a card before — and no, it’s not one of the Nine titans

Verhey also showed off a piece of art from a card in each Commander Deck.

Emrakul, Ulamog, and Kozilek all on one card from the colorless deck
New creature from the Enchantments deck
New Sliver from the Slivers deck
Tao from the planeswalkers deck

Commander Masters is scheduled to release on August 4. View our official preview gallery.