Exploring Niche Archetypes Of Wilds Of Eldraine Limited MTG

Andy “Icky” Ferguson guides you through a trio of two-color MTG archetypes in Wilds of Eldraine Limited that may not be popular now but can still deliver trophies.

Cursed Courtier
Cursed Courtier, illustrated by Tuan Duong Chu

My previous article covered blue decks in Wilds of Eldraine Limited. Following from that, I want to highlight some of the lesser-played archetypes, sharing insights on how I’ve found success within them. These aren’t the most powerful archetypes, but perhaps the most misunderstood. 


Hopeless Nightmare Cursed Courtier

Though Orzhov advertises a grindy game plan, I have had the most success with the deck operating as a low-to-the-ground, aggressive, token-oriented build. With access to both Hopeful Vigil and Hopeless Nightmare, you have two of the best bargaining chips this side of Eldraine. Stockpiling Celebrant and more niche bargain cards like Archon’s Glory, Kellan’s Lightblades, and Back for Seconds become much more enticing with hope in mind.

I have been impressed with Cursed Courtier in the deck in general. Pairing the Human Noble (though I will forever think it’s a Frog) alongside bargain staples like Candy Grapple, High Fae Negotiator, and role-players like Besotted Knight and Conceited Witch makes for one of the more sought-after creatures in the deck.

Warehouse Tabby Slumbering Keepguard

While Savior of the Sleeping, Knight of Doves, and Ashiok’s Reaper have felt unplayable in most decks, I have found success with both Warehouse Tabby and Slumbering Keepguard in decks with access to ten or more enchantments. 

White provides two Faeries in Tuinvale Guide and Charmed Clothier. This can be an important creature type to keep in mind, enabling both Barrow Naughty and Faerie Fencing.

Neva, Stalked by Nightmares Shrouded Shepherd

Neva, Stalked by Nightmares is a fine card in her own right, but it’s important to keep in mind the slow pace (the nightmare) that stalks her. Being unlikely to make any substantial attacks or blocks for a couple of turns can be a steep price to pay, considering Wilds of Eldraine‘s format speed. Shrouded Shepherd, on the other hand, is among the best two-color Adventure uncommons. Having easy access to both halves will provide plenty of powerful options to help navigate combat and sometimes wipe out your opponent’s X/1 creatures.


With green and red both offering mana fixing (red via Treasures), there isn’t a lot to pull you into these two exact colors, but a streamlined Gruul deck can tussle with the best of them. 

Picnic Ruiner Ruby, Daring Tracker

Gruul offers access to some of the best combat tricks in Royal Treatment, Mintstrosity, Twice the Rage (the Two-Headed Hunter Adventure), and Titanic Growth (in the right build) that can end games out of nowhere. As such, you will want proactive gameplay, establishing meaningful threats by Turn 2, like Grand Ball Guest; Redtooth Vanguard; Picnic Ruiner; Ruby, Daring Tracker; or even Territorial Witchstalker. Not only is Turn 2 pivotal to enable Curse of the Werefox on Turn 3, you want to be attacking most turns, using combat tricks to come out ahead.

Cut In Torch the Tower

Targeted removal is very hard to come by for the deck, so grabbing a Cut In, Torch the Tower, or Witchstalker Frenzy is a high priority during Packs 2 and 3.

Embereth Veteran Harried Spearguard

One-drops like Embereth Veteran, Gingerbrute, and Harried Spearguard can be all right in the deck, but often become irrelevant in the mid-game, where Gruul thrives.


Tanglespan Lookout Syr Armont, the Redeemer

Selesnya is the least played two-color archetype among 17Lands users, blue excluded. The good synergy cards for the deck are at uncommon, and are generally contested cards – even Syr Armont, the Redeemer and Woodland Acolyte are cards I will put in most of my non-Selesnya decks if I can support them. 

Similarly to Orzhov, Savior of the Sleeping, Knight of Doves, and company are not worth pursuing as a strategy. Your aim should be a Role model, with supporting cards like Syr Armont, the Redeemer or Tanglespan Lookout. Small note worth mentioning: both Cooped Up and Utopia Sprawl are Auras! 

Redtooth Genealogist Gallant Pie-Wielder

Selesnya is one of the few decks where Redtooth Genealogist consistently exceeds my expectations. Cursed Courtier can also be strong, provided you have plenty of Roles or bargain to lift the curse. Gallant Pie-Wielder is another strong candidate to assign a Role to, and often in doing such, you will trigger the celebration.

Green adds some solid bargain options to leverage Role tokens as well, with Agatha’s Champion, Hamlet Glutton, Brave the Wilds, and Troublemaker Ouphe. Hopeful Vigil is a premium common for the deck (big surprise)!

Woodland Acolyte Edgewall Inn

Combining Woodland Acolyte and Edgewall Inn can create a small loop. It’s more cute than practical, but a small interaction worth mentioning.

Lose and Learn, Learn and Win!