Date And Formats For 2022 MOCS Season 2 Showcase Revealed

Check out the updates and new events coming soon to Magic Online

Liliana, Dreadhorde General, illustrated by Chris Rallis

As part of an ongoing series of weekly changes, Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has announced the updates and changes for Week 14 of Streets of New Capenna on Magic Online.

2022 MOCS Season 2 Showcase

The 2022 MOCS Season 2 Showcase will take place on Saturday, October 8 and will feature Pioneer and Modern Cube as the formats. You can watch all the action live on the Magic Twitch channel.

War of the Spark Keeper Drafts

The fan-favorite Limited format returns tomorrow, July 27, kicking off a series of single-week Draft events. You can view the upcoming schedule below.

  • July 27–August 3War of the Spark – Keeper
  • August 3–10Khans of Tarkir Flashback – Phantom
  • August 10–17Core Set 2020 – Keeper
  • August 17–24Time Spiral Remastered Flashback – Phantom
  • August 24–31Dominaria Flashback – Phantom

Flashback (Phantom) entry options: 10 Event Tickets; 100 Play Points; or 2 boosters of that set & 2 Event Tickets

Regular (Keeper) entry options: 12 Event Tickets; 120 Play Points; or 3 boosters of that set & 2 Event Tickets

League times: Start 10 AM PT on first day; close (no new entries) 10 AM PT on last day; end (no new matches) 2 PM PT on last day

Showcase Last Chance Events

From Sunday, July 31 through Wednesday, August 3, players can enter Showcase Last Chance events. “These five-round events cost either 30 Event Tickets plus 40 Qualifier Points, or 300 Play Points plus 40 QPs to enter. If you win all five matches, you will earn an Entry Token good for that format’s Showcase Qualifier next month.”

Showcase Challenge Weekend

Magic Online’s best compete for a share of $70,000 in prizes and an invitation to the 2023 World Championship.

Saturday, July 30 – Pauper Showcase Challenge 8 AM PT.

Sunday, July 31 – Legacy Showcase Challenge 8 AM PT.

Entry: 40 QPs to enter. The Top 8 finishers from each event will earn a qualification token to enter the appropriate Showcase Qualifier in August.

Season 2 QPs Expiration

Due to a larger than normal number of accounts with Season 2 QPs, the expiration date is being extended through August 17.

Format Challenges

Format Challenges are scheduled to run every weekend for the foreseeable future and are the first step to qualifying for Premier Play. The schedule for upcoming Format Challenges can be found below:

12:00 AM Vintage Challenge
2:00 AMPauper Challenge 
4:00 AM32-Player Legacy ChallengeModern Challenge
6:00 AMStandard ChallengePioneer Challenge
8:00 AMModern ChallengeLegacy Challenge
10:00 AMVintage ChallengePauper Challenge
2:00 PMPioneer ChallengeStandard Challenge

Upcoming Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Kroxa, Titan of Death’s Hunger will correctly not cause life loss when a double-faced card with a land on its back face (Shatterskull Smashing, etc.) is discarded.
  • While Trinisphere is on the battlefield, players will correctly be able to cast spells with casting cost XX when X equals either 0 or 1.
  • Cards in exile that are foretold will correctly be revealed to all players at the end of the game.
  • If Skyclave Apparition leaves the battlefield after it had exiled multiple permanents (usually due to meld, mutate, or Panharmonicon), it will correctly produce tokens with non-zero power and toughness.
  • If you keep the same target for effects that change the target of a spell or ability, the game will correctly not trigger “becomes the target” abilities.

The next downtime is scheduled for August 31 at 9 AM PT.

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