All Magic: The Gathering — Doctor Who Variants Revealed

Check out the special treatments for cards coming in the Universes Beyond release of Magic: The Gathering – Doctor Who

The Eleventh Doctor illustrated by Justyna Dura

The full image gallery for Magic: The Gathering — Doctor Who has been updated to include all the treatments coming in the October Universes Beyond release. Check out the TARDIS Showcase treatments, extended art cards, and more.

TARDIS Showcase Treatments

Extended Art Cards

Foil Etched Face Cards

Alternate Art Surge Foil

Surge Foils are back in this product, with more than 500 versions of cards receiving the treatment. Out of them all, one card has an alternate art version that is only available in Surge Foil: Osgood, Operation Double.

Magic: The Gathering – Doctor Who releases on October 13.