Star City Games Now Carries Flesh and Blood Singles

SCG aims to help fulfill a growing demand for the exciting and immersive trading card game.

Star City Games is thrilled to announce that we have expanded our already massive trading card game (TCG) inventory to include Flesh and Blood singles! As a premier destination for TCG enthusiasts, we are committed to providing our customers with a wide range of options and opportunities to enhance their gaming experience. With the addition of Flesh and Blood singles, we aim to help fulfill a growing demand for this exciting and immersive TCG.

In our ongoing commitment to offering the best products and services to our customers, we have also outlined some key milestones on our roadmap, which will bring additional offerings to our Flesh and Blood TCG community. Let’s take a closer look at these upcoming milestones:

1. Sell Cart (Buy List) Support

We understand the importance of a smooth and convenient selling experience for our customers. To facilitate this, we will soon be creating a temporary page which will display a list of Flesh and Blood singles and products that we are currently looking to acquire. When launched, customers will be able to simply email us a list of the cards and/or products appearing on that page that they would like to sell for cash or trade in for store credit. In the future, we plan to implement an automated Sell Cart exclusively for Flesh and Blood, similar to the one that we recently launched for Magic The Gathering. We believe this enhancement will provide a hassle-free way for players to sell and/or trade in their Flesh and Blood cards and acquire new ones.

2. Adding Single Card Inventory from Additional Sets

To ensure our inventory encompasses a comprehensive selection of Flesh and Blood singles, we will be adding singles from several sets that are not currently live on our platform. This includes the highly sought-after Welcome to Rathe (WTR) 1st Edition, Arcane Rising (ARC) 1st Edition, various Blitz and preconstructed decks, and a wide variety of promotional cards.

3. Adding Single Cards in Played (PL) and Heavily Played (HP) Conditions

Understanding that players have different budgetary considerations, we will be introducing Played (PL) and Heavily Played (HP) copies of Flesh and Blood singles to our inventory. This inclusion will allow players to acquire playable versions of cards at reduced price points to help ensure that everyone can find the cards they need at a price that’s within their budget.

At Star City Games, we strive to lead the games and collectibles industry by consistently providing exceptional experiences, and believe that this expansion into the Flesh and Blood singles market moves us closer to achieving that goal. Whether you’re a seasoned collector, competitive player, or casual enthusiast, we invite you to explore our expanded inventory and join us in celebrating the captivating world of the Flesh and Blood TCG.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to serving all your Flesh and Blood TCG needs.