Flesh And Blood Updates Living Legend System

Living Legend point allocations change as game continues to grow

Mangle illustrated by Federico Musetti

James White posted an update to the Living Legend system today, addressing its goals, changing the amount of points given out, and more.

White, the creator of Flesh and Blood, stated that the Living Legend system’s purpose is to “recognize sustained excellence of heroes, and elegantly evolve the meta-game over time.” As the game has grown since its launch in 2019, the Living Legend system has required some updates to accommodate its expansion.

Factors to consider with the system include: how many of each event type are planned for the coming year, how many heroes are legal, how many new heroes will be introduced in the coming year, and what does a healthy lifespan for a hero look like?

White said that the target lifespan for a high-performing hero is roughly 15-20 months. As this year has shown, Bravo, Star of the Show had a lifespan of five months due to his dominance and abundance of events to collect points. Meanwhile, Chane, Bound by Shadow hit LL after 13 months and Prism, Sculptor of Arc Light lasted just over 15 months. See the current LL leaderboards here.

With more and more events being scheduled this year, Legend Story Studios (LSS) is adjusting the amount of points given out per event. Below you can see how many points were awarded in the old system compared to the new one announced today.

Event TypePrevious LL PointsNew LL Points
World Championship300200 CC Hero, 100 Blitz Hero
Pro Tour200200
US Nationals80100
Nationals (96 or more players)4020
Nationals (49-95 players)4010
Nationals (4-48 players)2010
Battle Hardened3010
Road to Nationals42
Skirmish 22

The main differences are reductions in points for Nationals, Battled Hardened, ProQuests, Road to Nationals, and Skirmish events. The changes are based on a premise of adding roughly 3,000 LL points to the Classic Constructed leaderboard over the next year, and around 1,500 points for Blitz.

White reiterated that the LL system isn’t intended to be a safety valve for CC play, but it can have that function if a hero is too strong like we saw with Bravo, Star of the Show earlier this year. He said LSS intends to address problematic cards or decks through bannings and suspensions, not LL.

Read the original article from White.