Flesh And Blood Events At SCG CON

Learn about the different events and formats offered for Flesh and Blood at SCG CON events

No matter the format or level of competition you’re looking for with Flesh and Blood, SCG CON has got you covered with three days filled with as much gaming as possible.

On top of big events like Armory and Battle Hardened tournaments, a full suite of side events is always at the ready for any format you want to play. From Classic Constructed, to Blitz, to limited events like Sealed and Draft, on-demand side events will make sure you can get a game whenever you want.

Armory events award prize wall tickets and special Armory promo cards. Check out the SCG CON website to see what format will be featured at the Armory event you’re attending.

Battle Hardened events provide a higher level of competition, and higher rewards to go along with it. Battle through eight rounds of Swiss and a single-elimination Top 8 to win cash prizes, special playmats, and two Pro Tour Invitations for the finalists. The winner even walks away with an extremely rare gold cold foil legendary card. Formats vary for Battle Hardened events, so check the schedule before registering.

Classic Constructed is considered the quintessential Flesh and Blood experience. Bring an 80-card deck with an adult hero, up to three copies of each card, and settle in for a lengthy battle against each opponent. Rounds are 50 minutes long and usually go the distance.

Blitz is a constructed format aimed at quicker, fast-paced games. Decks are 40-cards and use young heroes, with a limit of two copies of each card in your deck. To keep a quick pace, rounds are only 30 minutes long.

Draft and Sealed are perfect for players that don’t have a deck ready to go. In Sealed, you open six packs and build a 30-card deck. A deck can only use generic cards and cards with the same class and/or talent as your hero. Don’t worry if your packs don’t have specific heroes, weapons, or equipment, those are provided.

Draft is a bit different. Eight players have three packs and build decks by opening packs one at-a-time and taking a single card, passing the packs around the table, taking one card from each pack.  After all cards are selected, players build a 30-card deck just like in Sealed.

No matter how you play, we look forward to seeing you in the flesh and blood at SCG CON!

Learn to Play

Not quite sure how to play, but wanting to get involved in Flesh and Blood? Check out our How to Play video below.