Video: U/R Delver In Modern!

If you’re still looking for the deck you need to dismantle the $5,000 Modern Premier IQ at #SCGOAK, Ari Lax as a few choice words (and videos) for you!

Deck Tech

Round 1

Round 2

I chose to leave this match in for three reasons:

1. This guy won a round. That’s how good Monastery Swiftspear plus Red cards is.

2. To show the power of token generators. Had Hordeling Outburst resolved I would have had real issues, and that card isn’t close to Lingering Souls or
Spectral Procession. You need some removal to back them up and prevent Monastery Swiftspear from just going to town, but a single Lingering Souls basically
stops all the other threats in Delver cold.

3. To show how much this Delver deck has changed from last year’s. Going late, you can see how much weaker I am to top decked five-drops and similar cards.
You obviously need to create time to have an opening to cast them, but it’s not like it was against the lists that potentially maxed out on Vapor Snag,
Mana Leak, Remand, and Snapcaster Mage.

Round 3

Round 4