Video: Grixis Twin In Modern!

#SCGWOR’s $5,000 Modern Premier IQ will be a preview for the #SCGINVI in Columbus and Grand Prix Charlotte! There’s a lot of Modern coming up, and Ari’s ready for it!

Deck Tech

Round 1

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Round 4


After looking a bit more at this list in the time since I recorded with it and looking at the list that won the Premier IQ in Dallas last weekend, this is the next list
I would try. Notice that I’m specifically not saying it’s the list I’m at, because I’m pretty sure even this needs more work.

The changes don’t look like much, basically a 23rd land and Inquisitions main, but there’s a lot of things I’ve been considering that are really

First, I really think that there should be some number of additional cantrips in the deck. You are probably a fraction of a land short here, but I don’t
know which cantrip I want or what to cut. The primary cantrip options are Thought Scour, Anticipate, and Gitaxian Probe, but the immediate cut is
Electrolyze. Turns out cutting a cantrip to add a cantrip doesn’t solve much, and I really like having access to one of that effect anyways. The worst
non-cantrip card is either the third discard spell (previously Dispel and possibly something that switches back later) or the Spell Snare, but I’m hesitant
to cut good early interaction.

The next question was if you could up your land value a little. The 23rd land being Desolate Lighthouse was an easy option, but beyond that it’s tricky. At
most, there is room for one more colorless land like Tectonic Edge, so I started looking at options that didn’t cut into that number. I wanted to play a
Creeping Tar Pit or two before I realized that the deck is basically Lightning Bolt proof and adding Tar Pit, Lavaclaw Reaches, or really any other similar
option would just let your opponent profitably use that card. It’s possible that one Sulfur Falls should be a Temple of Epiphany, but I wouldn’t play any
black Temples as I’m counting on my black lands to immediately cast a discard spell.

If you decide to not add the 23rd land, please do not make the 22nd land Lighthouse. That’s just crazy.

As for the sideboard, I really like the idea of Bitterblossom. Not just because that would mean I get to play the card again, but because it seems
backbreaking in Grixis mirrors. To put in context how relevant that matchup is, the last Daily Event I played on Magic Online my four rounds were against
three Grixis decks and one Jeskai deck, which is basically the same thing. A threat you can sneak in under countermagic that doesn’t die to Lighting Bolt
or really any removal and clocks relatively well is a big deal.

There are a lot of negotiable slots still in the 15. The second Negate could be another similar card, Murderous Cut and Slaughter Pact and Rending Volley
is likely one too many of that effect, and I kind of wish I could move another Kolaghan’s Command to the main.

Regardless, this is definitely one of the most important “new” decks for the upcoming Season Two Invitational and Grand Prix Charlotte. The Grixis version
of Twin has been around for ages, but Tasigur, the Golden Fang finally allows it to have the best backup threat on top of the best protection in discard
and removal in Terminate.