Video: Faeries In Modern! (Also Pack Rat.)

Sam Black told you it was going to happen! In this video, he shows off his promised experiment: Faeries and Rats! Bring it to the Premier IQ at #SCGDAL!

I mentioned last week that I was curious about Pack Rat in Faeries, so I figured I’d try it out this week.  Here’s my updated list:

Aside from adding some rats, I changed the mana around to try River of Tears.  This is a little questionable since Pack Rat makes me want black mana on my opponent’s turn, but I really hate Watery Grave, so I think it’s worth trying.

Round 1

Well that first game was a beating, luckily, I can only really get locked out like that on the draw. I think I would have been in really good shape that
game if I’d been on the play. The second game, my opponent missed too many land drops to really be in it even though I didn’t consistently have access to
black mana. In the third game, my opponent was constrained by mana again and forced to pursue a pretty hopeless game plan.

Round 2

The first game looked to be going well(ish), but sometimes you just lose to the combo. In the second game, I was very lucky to get to counter something
with the first Spellstutter Sprite since I was planning to play it at the end of my opponent’s turn either way. My keep in the third game worked out
exactly the way I was hoping it would, and making a lot of land drops was definitely helpful, but it easily could have gone much worse.

Round 3

That first game was really close. I didn’t expect it to all come down to the chump block with the Faerie token, but it seemed like it could and that’s what
happened. Eidolon of the Great Revel was interesting. I had enough pressure that the ability was a real issue for both of us, so he eventually ended up
trading it off, but then I could use all my cards, which were great, and I was just too far ahead on cards and mana.

I’m changing the lands to add more black for the last match. Cutting two Islands and a River of Tears for two Sunken Ruins.

Round 4

I’m glad Pack Rat finally got a time to shine.

The mana isn’t perfect, but Pack Rat definitely felt like a good addition. I think this was a significant step in the right direction.