Video Drafting With Noah #4!

Thursday, January 13th – Magic Online offers a variety of draft formats for the discerning Limited player… which format will Noah play today?

Trying something different this week. With

looming, straight

drafts are less valuable. Still a popular format, still a fun format, but—

Well they’re no

drafts. Magic Online has a lot of problems. A lot. Sooooo many problems. It’s a functional tragedy that Magic Online
even exists

as a product for human—

No, no, I’m getting off track. Problems or not, Magic Online does generously offer a way for people to do sets of out of print drafts. It’s a real selling point, especially for an old man like me who thinks everything was better in the past. Hence, the possibility of doing

drafts, which (subjectively) is one of the best Limited formats of all time, is a reason to keep feeding the machine. Thus, for your use or enjoyment, a recorded Saga/Saga/Legacy draft. 

Run time 25:24 minutes

I like the deck. It’s not one of those 11/10 decks Saga can produce, but it’s perfectly capable. The rounds had some interesting stuff.

Run time 15:11 minutes

Okay, the problem with doing non-current formats is that, perhaps, the less-than-upper crust of players flock there too. Let’s not say this was a bye, but certainly things could’ve been more difficult. In my defense(?), my playing gets sloppier for the rest of the draft.

Run time 25:41 minutes

Game 1 we were close. I think if we had those two cards, we actually could’ve pulled it out, or at least 1-2 less lands at the end.

Game 3 had a couple big mistakes though. For one, I should’ve attacked with Mentor the turn I left it back to protect the Bey. We hadn’t seen enough removal to justify it, especially since he had enough board presence to be more likely to race than kill dudes.

Secondly, I think casting the second Bey instead of Arc Lightning was the better play. The reason is that he should hold back with his Retromancer, in which case having another Bey is superior. Now, he screws up by attacking with Retromancer, which makes our play great. But if he didn’t screw up, our mistake actually would’ve been a problem. Luckily enough it all came together.

Run time 14:48 minutes

Game 1: I think the Jagged Lightning may have been an error. The Skeleton is completely inert, but my thinking was the chance to kill the Broodlings before they got 4/4. But with Rescind that’s actually not an issue, which means I should’ve held back the turn I did.

The bigger question was the Rescind the Swamp turn. I actually think this was correct. Of course he’s more likely to have [any flier] than [Swamp + Corrupt]. But realistically, black doesn’t have

many fliers, and we played a black deck the round before with some Skirge. Further, he’s actually mono. What’s the incentive to go for mono other than some early Corrupts? This is not an exact science, but to me the Corrupt threat seemed like the most

issue. And who knows, he may have had the Corrupt in hand but read us for Miscalculate (unlikely).

Game 2 was just a sweet curve combined with his odd decision to draw. He clearly had a strong deck; he just needed the time to get the spells flowing. Lucky us again.

And that’s how to win an irrelevant format. Let me know if you enjoyed this (or not!) and if you would like me to tackle other formats Magic Online offers.

Thanks for watching,
Noah Weil