Twas The Night Before The Pro Tour

Keep the holiday spirit going by reading William "Huey" Jensen’s Magic version of the classic Christmas poem "Twas the Night before Christmas" by Clement Clarke Moore.

Twas the night before the Pro Tour, when all through the hall,
Not a creature was attacking, not even Nekrataal.
The draft pods were hung by the entrance with care,
In hopes that Kai and Jon soon would be there.

The competitors were nestled all snug in their beds,
While thoughts about sideboards raced through their heads.
The test decks were done with and sat in a heap,
The players all relaxed and dozed off to sleep.

The alarm went off at an ungodly hour,
And I sprang from my bed and jumped in the shower.
Away to the tournament I went in a flash,
To play sixteen rounds and hope for a cash.

I walked to the site, just down the street,
And sat at the tables where the players would meet.
When what to my wondering eyes did appear,
But a man with a microphone that the players could hear.

With a shirt that stood out because it was so red,
I knew in a moment that this judge was the head.
More rapid than split second other judges they came,
And the head judge reviewed the phases by name!

"Now, Untap! now, Upkeep! now Draw and Attack!
Then, Main Phase! Then, End Step! Then, Cleanup and Pass!
The seatings are up! Over there by the wall!
Now go find your tables, find your tables you all!"

As the players all headed over toward the board,
I navigated my way through the growing horde.
The players got seated silently in their chairs,
Thinking about first picks, mythics, and rares.

And then the head judge, he gave us direction,
To first give our packs a thorough inspection.
As I opened my pack by undoing the bound,
I grabbed at the rare and pulled it around.

His hood was all blue, it was easy to see
And he’d enter the battlefield with loyalty three.
A blue and brown cape he had flung on his back,
I couldn’t believe it, what a wonderful pack!

His eyes had a glow! His hands shined with power!
I had gotten so lucky! My opponents would cower!
The rest of the draft went just as great so,
I knew I’d have a great chance to 3-0.

The players went to tables to construct their decks,
And waited for the announcement of what to do next.
The head judge’s voice echoed through the hall,
And told us again to head to the wall.

The pairings were up, so I looked for my name;
I sat at my table, ready to game.
My opponent and I exchanged a shake of the hand,
And the games they went just as I’d planned.

My mythic rare, he arrived on turn 4,
And when I ran out of cards, he helped me draw more.
My opponent tapped out, and creatures were comin’,
But my planeswalker often used his Unsummon.

My opponent added more and more spells to the stack,
But Jace was too good, he had no chance to come back.
My opponent said as we were done with our test,
"Good games, my friend, and good luck in the rest!"

Merry Christmas!