THS/BNG Sealed #1

Prepare to play Theros/Born of the Gods Limited at Grand Prix Philadelphia this weekend by watching two-time Pro Tour Top 8 competitor Sam Black play some Sealed on Magic Online.

This weekend is Grand Prix Philadelphia, a Limited GP that I will not be attending. Also, we’re currently in Limited PTQ season (this week there’s a PTQ in Chicago that I might attend). To help people prepare for these tournaments, I’ve decided to showcase some Sealed.

I like this deck a lot. It has some rares I really like, and it’s exactly what I want to be doing in this format.

Fated Return was really impressive in that match, which is consistent with my general experience with the card. I think it’s a little underrated based on when I tend to see it in drafts.

At this point Magic Online froze, and by the time I noticed I’d been dropped from the event. I then joined the next Sealed Daily Event, so here’s deckbuilding for that:

My rares are really underpowered, but at least I managed to justify cramming most of them into my deck. I also don’t really have enough enablers for my heroes, which I’m pretty committed to. Overall, this deck is fairly weak.

Wavecrash Triton is awesome. That first game was everything I wanted out of this deck. After that I had two games where I couldn’t really do anything because of my mana. The game where I kept one of each basic land and still couldn’t usefully cast spells was particularly awkward.

The first game was pretty good. We were both stuck on lands. It looked like battling through Hero of Iroas might actually happen, but I just couldn’t quite do it. The next game I was just too far behind because I’d been missing blue mana for so many early turns.

My draw in the first game was outstanding. In the second game things looked pretty dicey while I was stuck on lands, but I managed to pull it out.

In the first game casting Retraction Helix after blocking rather than before was a huge mistake that allowed me to get blown out by Divine Verdict there when I didn’t have to walk into it quite that badly. I thought I might be able to win anyway, but I just didn’t have enough power. Game 2 looked to be going a little better, but a land clump left me doing nothing with very weak creatures in play again. This was partially due to poorly sequencing my scry effects in the early game.

Overall, a very bad showing for a below average deck. I think I just didn’t have enough heroic synergies to build the deck the way that I did. I probably should have been U/G, possibly with a white splash for Reap What Is Sown.