Theros Sealed #1

Watch as Sam prepares to play Theros Limited at Grand Prix Toronto this weekend by playing in a Sealed event on Magic Online and read his commentary to see what he learned.

This weekend I’ll be playing in Grand Prix Toronto, which is Theros Limited, so I thought I’d go through a Sealed Deck event this week. I know drafts are the traditional Limited content, but I’m hoping that means people will actually be interested in seeing some Sealed, which is quite a bit different in this format. First, my thoughts as I’m building the deck:

I noticed later that I slightly misbuilt this deck from what I wanted, ignoring the (very real) possibility that I’m not even the right colors; after looking at U/W, I forgot to put the Mnemonic Wall back in the deck.

Well, that wasn’t pretty, but I think I learned a lot. I think my deck has too much aggression and not enough defense for me to be choosing to draw—those 2/1 fliers want to be on the play, which means I should be playing eighteen lands. Also, in game 1 I assumed that since he hadn’t targeted his Agent of Fates by the time he had six mana that he wasn’t going to, but I think I should have taken the more conservative line of just killing it with the Sip of Hemlock as soon as possible. The 5/5 tapper that he would have made would still have been a problem but not as bad as what happened, which would have allowed me to play the Gray Merchant of Asphodel and the Vaporkin the next turn. So even ignoring the risk of him targeting the Agent of Fates, it just uses my mana so much more efficiently (if I draw a land).

In the second game, I don’t think there was much I could have done. His deck and draws were great.

I don’t think my opponent played that second game very well, but Whip of Erebos is very powerful.

There were a lot of mana issues in that match and also more evidence about Whip of Erebos.

I’m looking forward to playing some Limited this weekend for a change. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and see you in Toronto.