The GAM Podcast: Pro Tour 25th Anniversary

The decks are locked in! Apparently, Gerry is throwing curveballs this weekend at Pro Tour 25th Anniversary! The guys cover topics far and wide this week, so don’t miss it!

The decklists are submitted and it’s time to battle!

Gerry thinks he may have broken the format for PT25A and Bryan has many
questions! The decks Gerry, Josh Cho, and Matt Severa settled on might
surprise you, but they needed to make bold decisions to gain an edge.

Get an update on what’s happening in each format and what’s going to stand
out at PT25A in this all-encompassing episode.

Tactics Ogre

In This Episode:

Team Pro Tours – 7:29

Standard – 19:49

Modern – 32:17

Past Pro Tour decisions – 48:45

Legacy – 56:09

Question of the week – 1:10:33

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