The Financial Value of Eventide

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Friday, July 11th – Want to be prepared for trading going into the Eventide prerelease? Want to know which cards will be financial hits and misses? Then you cannot afford to miss The Financial Value of Eventide, brought to you by the very guy who sets the prices here at StarCityGames.com, Ben Bleiweiss!

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Hello everyone, and welcome to my take on the Financial Value of Eventide. My name is Ben Bleiweiss, and I am the General Manager of Acquisitions and Inventory at StarCityGames.com. This means that I am responsible for putting the prices (both buy and sell) on all of the cards on this here website. This includes the Eventide Preorders that will be going up shortly!

When a set is first released, we have a standard pricing structure for cards — the base price of Commons begins at $0.25, Uncommons at $0.50, and Rares at $1. Foil cards go for twice as much — Commons at $0.50, Uncommons at $1, and Rares at $2. As with my Shadowmoor article, I’m going to going to list where I believe these cards will start, and then give my thoughts about whether the card will go up, down, or remain where it is in value. I’ll also note where I believe Foil versions of a common or uncommon will have extraordinary value beyond the normal version of that card (see: Ponder foil at $10. Brainstorm foil at $25. Manamorphose foil at $4)

As usual, the spoiler information for this article was taken from our friends at MTGsalvation.com. All the credit for the card texts goes to them, as does any blame of the texts are wrong. So, enough disclaimer! How’s about a key?

(+) I believe this card will go up in price.
(=) I believe this card will stay around this price.
(-) I believe this card is being overvalued and will end up going down in price.
(Boros): R/W Hybrid Mana
(Golgari) B/G Hybrid Mana
(Izzet): R/U Hybrid Mana
(Orzhov): B/W Hybrid Mana
(Simic): U/G Hybrid Mana

Altar Golem (Artifact): $1 (=) This is a bad Beast of Burden. A true bulk rare, and an inauspicious way to start this article!

Archon of Justice (White): $2 (+) Ever since Serra Angel, people have been looking for the random large White flyer that can act as a good finisher or midrange beater. While Exalted Angel is the best of these, Archon of Justice is admirable in that it’s Vindicate when it dies. How often will you two-for-one with Archon of Justice? Enough that this is better than a $2 card, especially to casual players looking for a random good flyer. Compare this to Angel of Despair: AoD is more proactive, but costs two more mana (and two more color specific mana) for only +1/+1, and AoD was a $5-$7 rare when it was standard legal.

Ashling, the Extinguisher (Black): $3 (+) Consider Ashling a 4/4 for four, which is usually the domain of Green. Ashling must be blocked, and is great in both control and aggressive decks. My guess is it will settle in the $5 range, by the time the set is Standard (and block) legal.

Balefire Liege (Boros): $5 (=) Thistledown Liege, while not a great creature in-and-of-itself, has been tearing it up in price thanks to Block Kithkin decks (thanks Mirrorweave!). Now that there are two more White Lieges (This one and Deathbringer Liege), how will their values be effected? Well, one mana makes a huge difference when you are curving out, and honestly Deathbringer Liege is better for Kithkin than Balefire Liege. Therefore, if all the on-color (White) Lieges are going to command a premium, this one will hit the bottom of the pile because it costs more than the Shadowmoor Lieges, and has a worse White effect than Deathbringer Liege (and a smaller body).

Bloom Tender (Green): $4 (+) Rofellos. Priest of Titania. Bloom Tender joins the pedigree of two-mana Green Elves that can tap to produce multiple mana the turn after it enters play. While this isn’t as fantastic in a one-color deck as Priest of Titania, it is fantastic if you’ve got a second (or third) color. It is entirely possible to drop Bloom Tender on turn 2, drop a non-Green Hybrid card on turn 3, and then tap Bloom Tender to double your mana. This is even more powerful than Devoted Druid, and comes from a line of cards that are now $4 (for a common) and $10 (for a Rare).

Call the Skybreaker (Izzet): $1 (=) Another bulk rare.

Cascade Bluffs (Land): $10 (+) All of the Cairn lands from Shadowmoor (except, ironically, Graven Cairns itself) are now in the $11-$12 range. I expect all of the Cairn lands from Eventide to settle in the $10-$12 range as well, starting at the $10 range (due to supply around release) and settling at $12 (or higher, depending on how crazy things get at Nationals). They are not going to drop below $10 while they are Standard legal, so they are extremely safe bets as a group.

Cold-Eyed Selkie (Simic): $5 (=) How does this compare to other evasion card-drawing guys? Pretty well – Shadowmage Infiltrator will only draw you one card, whereas the Selkie can go insane with cards like Giant Growth or Blanchwood Armor. Remember – this can be played in Mono-Green if you so like, and it combos well with both Merfolk (in Blue) and Rogues (U/B). This will also be played in Vintage, inasmuch as Dimir Cutpurse and Shadowmage Infiltrator see occasional Vintage play.

Crackleburr (Izzet): $1.5-$2 (+) Will be popular with casual players, but not enough to make it super-popular. A fantastic addition to old Izzet decks, which were in need of new cards (combos great with Izzet Guildmage, Wee Dragonauts, or any other U/R creature.)

Creakwood Liege (Golgari): $5 (=) Weak on its own. However, a four-mana Liege (all of the other ones in this set are 5 or 6 mana), and as Evan pointed out, great in an aggressive Reveillark deck.

Deathbringer Liege (Orzhov): $3 (+) Ravnica Block was the most popular block made by Wizards to date. Even to this day, players bring their favorite Ravnica-tribe deck to the table, and this set (even more than Shadowmoor) gives those older decks cards that have synergy with the older strategy. Forget that this is the better Liege than Balefire Liege for Kithkin (it can tap down creatures, versus gaining 3 life) – it also is fantastic with older Orzhov cards like Pillory of the Sleepless, Mortify, or (from Apocalypse) Vindicate or Gerrard’s Verdict. It turns every one of your Orzhov spells into Terrors, which casual players will love. This one is being valued too low right now – pick them up before they hit the $5-$6 range.

Deity of Scars (Golgari): $4 (-) Decent as a 7/7 Black Liege, poor as a 5/5 to 7/7 Green Liege. If you’re really looking for a dumb Green creature, wouldn’t you want Primalcrux instead? One of the worst Lieges, and will probably settle in the $2-$3 range.

Divinity of Pride (Orzhov): $3 (+) Again, with all the Orzhov cards that cause a slow bleed or life exchange (Agent of Masks, Blind Hunter), this will often end up in the right deck that wants it, as an 8/8, flying lifelinked creature for five. Even as a 4/4 lifelinked flyer for five, isn’t this on the right side of Exalted Angel for Standard? Currently undervalued as well. Will end up likely in the $5-$6 range, like Deus of Calamity.

Dominus of Fealty (Izzet): $2.5 (=) Like Deity of Scars or Godhead of Awe, this will end up in the lower end of the Avatar cycle due to an unexciting ability (already seen on one of the least popular Bringers, Bringer of the Red Dawn).

Doomgape (Golgari): $1 (=) Compares favorably to Lord of the Pit, in that it can sacrifice itself, and end up giving you a ten-life swing. Might end up as a $1.50-$2 card since it is an elemental (huzzah Incandescent Soulstoke), but probably won’t raise above that since it’s difficult to hard cast.

Endless Horizons (White): $2 (+) Let’s say you’re playing any deck with a significant number of White cards. Once you play Endless Horizons, you both have a self-made Howling Mine, and the ability to not draw lands for the rest of the game. But that’s not the exciting prospect of Endless Horizons – it’s more the ability to take all of the lands out of your deck, and kill someone in one turn with Goblin Charbelcher in Extended. Remember, this can fetch Ravnica Block duals as well.

Evershrike (Orzhov): $2 (+) Exciting for casual players, but competitive players have learned that auras usually do not work out if you have to play them on their own creatures. Still, isn’t this easy to get into your graveyard early if you want? If so, you can drop it into play from your graveyard as early as turn 3 with something as stupid as Unholy Strength or Edge of the Divinity, and have it end up as a 7/7 flyer for three mana on turn 3. That is the type of risk that might be worth the reward of playing creature-auras.

Fable of Wolf and Owl (Simic): $1 (=) Bulk Rare.

Fetid Heath (Land): $10 (+) See Cascade Bluffs. This one might end up slightly higher, as Black/White gold cards have tended to have harsher color requirements than the other nine color pairs (see Ghost Council of Orzhov).

Fiery Bombardment (Red): $1 (=) Bulk Rare

Figure of Destiny (Boros): $6 (=) The design on this card is awesome, and it will be played in a lot of Kithkin decks. With that said, it is also the release foil – and Vexing Shusher started as a $10-$12 card, and is now in the $6-$7 range because of the saturation of release foils. Figure of Destiny might start higher than $6 (or end up there for a couple of weeks), but it’ll drop back down the $6-$7 range once a trazillion release foil versions hit the open market. Wait until the release event, and trade for these then from people who don’t want them.

Flooded Grove (Land): $10 (+) See Cascade Bluffs. Seriously, all these lands are the same, just different colors. You don’t need me to say more about them.

Glamerdye (Blue): $1 (=) A Sleight of Mind by any other name is still Sleight of Mind.

Glen Elendra Archmage (Blue): $2.50 (=) Negate isn’t really getting played, so will double-Negate (that is vulnerable to removal) get played? Might be a good anti-sideboard card for Faeries against Commands.

Hallowed Burial (White) : $7.50 (=) Austere Command was pushing $4 because block was so desperate for a good Wrath effect. Hallowed Burial is in the 5-mana sweet spot as a Wrath of God backup, harkening back to the days when Rout was Wrath of Gods #5-#8 in control decks. This is the rare Wrath of God variant that is equal to Wrath of God in every way but mana cost – better than Final Judgment (which hit $4 in block play), and fantastic against Persist creatures and reanimation strategies.

Hateflayer (Red): $1 (=) Bulk Rare.

Helix Pinnacle (Green): $1.25 (=) A bulk rare, but one that people will try playing casually anyhow. Remember, Shroud means Shroud – no Gilder Bairn for you!

Inundate (Blue): $1 (=) A bulk rare, but might slip slightly higher due to multiplayer shenanigans.

Leering Emblem (Artifact): $1 (=) Bulk rare – there is better equipment than this in both Standard and Extended.

Light From Within (White): $2.50 (+) Will this replace Lieges? Probably not, because you can’t Mirrorweave a Light from Within. However, it is stupidly good in the White curve deck – turn 1 Stalwart, turn 2 Wizened Cenn, turn 3 Wilt-Leaf Cavaliers, turn 4 Light From Within, attack with your 4/4, 4/4, and 6/7 Vigilant guy. Given how many White Weenies are White-mana intensive, this is likely to be at least a double-crusade most of the time. Currently undervalued.

Mindwrack Liege (Izzet): $2 (=) The worst Liege of all ten – by the time you get to six mana for a 4/4, do you really need to put creatures into play for free? Compare this to Elvish Piper, or any other such creature that puts other creatures straight into play – Mindwrack Liege is just not to snuff.

Mirror Sheen (Izzet): $1 (=) A bulk rare. If it could copy spells other than just those that target you, it’d be a much higher-value card.

Murkfiend Liege (Simic): $2.50 (+) Seedborn Muse is a $3-$4 card, and this is comparable to Seedborn Muse. While it doesn’t untap your lands, it A) works well in mono-Blue and B) Works well with Merfolk and Elves. Will probably hit the $4 range.

Necroskitter (Black): $2.50 (=) Bone Dancerish, which was a $2-$3 card when it was standard legal. Main problem is, Red got the “direct damage” spells that deal -1/-1 counters directly.

Needle Specter (Black): $2 (=) I mean honestly, if Hypnotic Specter isn’t good enough for tournament play, then this isn’t either. The $1.50-$2.50 range is where all bad, yet semi-playable, Specters go to die. (See Blazing Specter, Shimian Specter, Hollow Specter.

Nightmare Incursion (Black): $1.50 (=) Pedigrees include Corrupt and Mind Sludge for the mechanic, and Neverending Torment for the effect. When was the last time anyone played Neverending Torment? This isn’t like Cranial Extraction – you don’t hit the hand, you don’t hit the graveyard, and it’s not very efficient as a splash.

Nobilis of War (Boros): $2 (=) Compare this to Divinity of Pride – it comes out much worse as a flyer. Plus, aren’t the Lieges going to give your creatures a +1/+1 or +2/+2 bonus all of the time, at the same mana cost? The 2nd Worst Avatar out of the 10-card cycle.

Overbeing of Myth (Simic): $2 (+) When was the last time someone played Maro, or a Maro variant? It’s been a while, but Overbeing of Myth is a one-way, personal Howling Mine in addition to being a big monster. Is this guy good? Chances are, he’ll come down as a 4/4 or 5/5, and be 6/6 or 7/7 the next turn, barring drawing a good card-drawing spell to boost him further (Harmonize anyone?) If Aeon Chronicler was a $5-$6 card in block, this guy is more than a $2 rare.

Primalcrux (Green): $1.50 (+) A minimum 6/6 trampler for six, and likely larger. This will be very popular with casual players, as so much that Rushwood Elemental and Chlorophant have always hovered in the $2-$4 range when Standard legal.

Pyrrhic Revival (Orzhov): $1 (+) When was the last time there was a great mass-reanimation spell around? Patriarch’s Bidding maybe? There is no way this is a bulk rare, especially given how popular this will be for group play – or for bringing out a horde of fatties while keeping a bunch of Elves or Kithkin honest.

Regal Force (Green): $1 (=) A bulk rare.

Rekindled Flame (Red): $1 (=) Another bulk rare. Whee!

Rise of the Hobgoblins (Boros): $1 (+) Goblin Offensive has always commanded a premium, and this is more mana efficient than Goblin Offensive. Also, it can boot out X creatures for a Kithkin deck in the late game, setting up a big Mirrorweave. This should be going for more than bulk Rare price, given its forefather’s value.

Rugged Prairie (Land) :$10 (+) See Cascade Bluffs.

Sanity Grinding (Blue): $2 (+) While this isn’t as flashy as Glimpse the Unthinkable (two mana, ten cards), it is likely as effective as that card, if you build your deck to be a Blue/Black Mill deck. Glimpse is a $8 card still, and we can’t keep it in stock. This will end up going for more than $2, to the same people who want Glimpses.

Sapling of Colfenor (Golgari): $2.50 (+) Compares favorably to Leaf-Crowned Elder, especially since Sapling of Colfenor is Indestructible. Can’t be Wrathed, probably will gain you 0-3 life and a card half the time when it attacks, pass the milk. Should be in the $4-$5 range, just like the Elder.

Scarecrone (Artifact): $2 (=) Will be a popular casual card. Might hit the $3-$4 range, but likely will stick around $2-$2.50.

Spirit of the Hearth (White): $1 (=) There are a lot of better options for the ‘big White guy’ in Standard, and even in this set. Bulk! Papa wants Ivory Mask, which can’t be killed.

Spitting Image (Simic): $1 (=) Bulk Rare.

Springjack Pasture (Land): $1 (=) What a freaking odd card. Bulk, because even Kithkin have more efficient ways to make multiple creatures post-Wrath for their game-ending Mirrorweave.

Stigma Lasher (Red): $5 (=) If Everlasting Torment is a $5 card, and Sulfuric Vortex was a $5-$6 card when it was Standard Legal, then this is probably starting and ending in the right dollar range. And efficient Wither creature, and a unique effect that is quite good against the decks it wants to be good against.

Stillmoon Cavalier (Orzhov): $3 (+) Compare and contrast to Paladin en-Vec, which has been (at times) a $4 to $10 card. This is a Paladin en-Vec for both Black and White, against Black and White. Playable in two decks, and probably better than Paladin en-Vec except that it’s not pro-Red – but the toolbox of every jump knight and pump knight ability is quite good, and double protection and playable in two separate decks is not to be underestimated. Currently valued low.

Talara’s Battalion (Green): $12 (=) You’re playing Elves. This will often be a 4/3 trampler on turn 2 (even without Manamorphose tricks). Even if you’re playing it later in the game, it’s a great add-on to the board. Is there anything wrong with playing both this and Tarmogoyf together on turn 4, to dump 8-9 power worth of guys onto the board in one fell swoop?

Thunderblust (Red): $1.50 (+) 7/2 Haste the first time, 6/1 trampling haste the second time. It doesn’t go away until it dies twice, making this closer to a Giant Solifuge variant than a Ball Lightning variant. That it can swing into defenders twice makes it pretty decent, and better than a bulk rare.

Twilight Mire (Land): $10 (+) See, what else, Cascade Bluffs.

Umbra Stalker (Black): $1 (+) Quick quiz – you’re playing the Hermit Druid deck, with intent to reanimate Sutured Ghoul. Which is easier: Playing one Dragon Fangs and one Dragon Breath, and reanimating Umbra Stalker in an otherwise mono-Black deck, or reanimating Sutured Ghoul, and having to sacrifice engine pieces for multiple other creatures?

Wake Thrasher (Blue): $6 (+) You play it, and it’s a 4/4 the following turn, at the least. Combos with Aphetto Alchemist to go infinite in Extended (third-turn kill with Chrome Mox). Will often be much, much larger than 4/4 on offense – and it is readily splashable in multiple decks. Will climb in value rapidly. Pick up a playset now, while they are single digits each.

Ward of Bones (Artifact): $1 (=) Bulk Rare

Waves of Aggression (Boros): $1 (=) Bulk Rare

Worm Harvest (Golgari): $1 (=) Bulk Rare.

Batwing Brume (Orzhov): $0.75 (favorably compares to Tangle, Darkness, Holy Day)

Chaotic Backlash *FOIL* (Red): $2-$2.50 (great Merfolk/Kithkin hoser – 10-12 damage a cast!)

Dream Fracture (Blue): $0.75-$1 (Compares semi-favorably to Remand, Cancel)

Duergar Hedge-Mage (Boros): $0.75-$1 (Kills an artifact and an enchantment, potentially. Viridian Shaman for Red)

Gwyllion Hedge-Mage(Orzhov): $0.75-$1 (effectively 3/3 for 3 that kills a utility creature)

Noggle Hedge-Mage (Izzet): $0.75 (taps two blockers, and deals two to an opponent)

Selkie Hedge-Mage (Simic): $0.75-$1 (Gain 3 plus semi-limited Man-O-War)

Soul Snuffers (Black): $0.75 (Permanent Nausea on a 2/2 creature)

Spitemare (Boros): $0.75 (Another Stuffy Doll for the Volcano Hellion deck?)

Twinblade Slasher (Green): $1 (+) (Basking Rootwalla for Elves – will be included in virtually all Elf Decks, which are already winning!)

Voracious Hatchling (Orzhov): $0.75-$1 (The best of the Hatchlings, 6/6 Lifelink for four mana)

Wistful Selkie (Simic): $0.75 (Silvergill Adept #5-#8 in block)?

Beckon Apparition *FOIL * (Orzhov): $1-$1.50 Common Foil (Coffin Purge pedigree)
Merrow Bonegnawer *FOIL* (Black): $1-$1.50 Common Foil (Scrabbling Claws Pedigree)
Nettle Sentinel *FOIL* (Green): $2-$3 Common Foil (2/2 Elf for one mana)
Recumbent Bliss *FOIL* (White): $1-$2 Common Foil (Faith’s Fetters/Pacifism Pedigree)
Slippery Boggart *FOIL* (Simic): $1-$1.50 Common Foil (Silhana Ledgewalker Pedigree)
Snakeform *FOIL* (Simic): $1-$1.50 Common Foil (Humble/Ovinize/Pongify Pedigree)
Soul Reap *FOIL* (Black): $1-$1.50 Common Foil (Playable Terror Variant)
Talara’s Bane *FOIL* (Black): $1 Common Foil (Playable sideboard card)
Tilling Treefolk *FOIL* (Green): $1 Common Foil (Playable Recursion card)
Unmake *FOIL* (Orzhov): $2-$3 Common Foil (Playable White/Black Removal) : $0.50 for Regular Version!
Wickerbough Elder *FOIL* (Green): $1-$2 Common Foil (Compares favorably to Indrik Stomphowler)

That’s all for the Financial Value of Eventide article! I see Bloom Tender as the most undervalued card in the set so far, followed by Wake Thrasher and Sanity Grinding (though Sanity Grinding is purely as a casual card). Have fun at the prerelease, and may all your trading be with an informed mind!

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Ben Bleiweiss